The Mission Statement That Changed The World

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April 03, 2008 | 73,097 views

Dr. Stephen R. Covey was asked to talk about one of his personal heroes, and brought up Mahatma Gandhi’s personal mission statement:

“Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:
Gandhi held no formal authority -- no position. Yet because he had moral authority, he had influence. Gandhi changed the lives of over 300 million people using his moral authority.

Gandhi also created the alternative of non-violent action. He did not run away, and he did not fight, as most people do. Instead, Gandhi worked within himself until he won the private victory and learned the philosophy of his life. Non-violent action; a third alternative. Gandhi is one of my heroes. His message of nonviolence and his courage to stand by his conviction despite virtually impossible circumstances is quite an example to follow. 

Yet, Gandhi’s mission statement is based entirely on the moral authority of one man -- no hidden agendas, no ulterior motives, just the desire to receive the justice he knew in his heart he deserved.

And this statement, combined with the beliefs behind it, moved the hearts of hundreds of millions of people -- despite the fact that it came from a man with no formal authority whatsoever.

What is YOUR Mission Statement?

Notice that all of Gandhi’s resolutions begin with the word “I,” which is an excellent reminder that you only have control over yourself, right now in this moment. If you focus your intentions on something that YOU can change, you will likely be successful. But if you focus on wanting to change the behaviors of others, your efforts may fall on deaf ears.

My personal mission is to catalyze a transformation in the way health care alternatives are provided to the population.

It will be impossible to identify who or what group will be responsible for this inevitable change, but to me that is a moot issue. The central challenge is to facilitate the change. It is clear to me that this will occur with the collaborative efforts of like-minded individuals. 

In the past year I have connected with two health warriors who each have organizations that are five to eight times larger than It has become increasingly clear to me that more of my work needs to be directed in this area so we can merge forces that effectively address the multinational drug giants.

It is clear, however, that progress is being made. With the help of this newsletter and readers like you, increasing numbers of people are seeking, and finding, the truth about health, and are standing up against the untruths that are still so widespread.

Yes, we are well on our way. You see, it only takes 10 percent of the public to be conscious of the truth, as once that level is reached it will tend to spread like wildfire through the population. Once that percentage of people know the truth, change is inevitable and unstoppable..

And as Gandhi said, "In a gentle way you can shake the world."

And that is just what is happening as millions of people around the world make the decision to take control of their health.

But I would like to ask you, what is your personal mission statement?

Please do feel free to share it with the Vital Votes community below.

As Gandhi’s example has shown so well, all it takes for a mission statement to be successful is a dedicated believer behind it. So put your own beliefs and passions down on paper, and make that your personal code to live by.

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