Re-Growing Organs: the Future is Here

fingertipWhen Lee Spievack sliced off the tip of his finger, his brother Alan, a medical research scientist, sent him a special powder and told him to sprinkle it on the wound. In four weeks, his fingertip grew back completely.

That powder was a substance called extracellular matrix, a mix of protein and connective tissue surgeons use to repair tendons. It signals your body to start the process of tissue regrowth, and holds some of the secrets behind the emerging new science of regenerative medicine.

In one lab at Wake Forest University, researchers are already “growing body parts,” including muscle tissue and whole organs. And using this technology, a patient’s own cells have been used to grow a bladder that was then transplanted into the patient.

Many scientists believe that every tissue in your body has cells that are capable of regeneration, and the key is to find enough of those cells and direct them to grow. At least in theory, this process could be used to regrow limbs, organs, and other body parts.
Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Regrowing organs is just a part of what the relatively new field of regenerative medicine is trying to accomplish. In short, some of those in this field are working with cells at the base level, and trying to figure out how to organize them into different structures of tissues and organs.

As one of the researchers in the article above said, all cells are programmed to make new tissue, so directing them to grow a certain organ or limb is not that far of a stretch. 

I actually served as the kidney transplant coordinator for the University of Illinois prior to starting medical school in 1978. It was my first experience with the Internet. Even back then it was clear that the ability to produce organs without having to put people on waiting lists would certainly be one of the positive accomplishments of modern medicine.

But there is something even more astounding than using science to regrow tissues. According to the field of epigenetics, it is actually possible for your mind to do this type of regeneration.

Your Body Has the Ability to Regenerate

This is true on many levels, such as healing a skin wound or broken bone. It’s also true for organs, such as your liver. And, it turns out it may also be true for your limbs.

I recently spoke with Bruce Lipton, PhD., who is a forerunner in the field of epigenetics and The New Biology, and according to him, you could actually regenerate a lost limb -- if you had the right belief system.

“We’ve already shown abilities of regeneration that go far beyond anything that we’ve given credit to,” Dr. Lipton said, “But then we also have to recognize that, up to now, we have total beliefs against such a regeneration. I mean, it’s like people [say], 'It just can’t happen!'

Well, if that’s the belief --  it’s unfortunate because many patients in the medical system are actually prevented from really doing great healings on themselves because they buy the belief of the conventional system that this cannot happen, and it totally limits their ability.”

In other words, the only thing keeping you from the ability to regenerate any limb, organ or tissue in your body is the belief that it can’t be done. This is engrained in you from the time you’re a child, and you’re told that you must go to the doctor when you’re sick. Well, if you grew up believing that YOU could heal your body, without medicine, without doctors, and without surgeries, it would be another story.

Further proof that you have the ability to regenerate lies in stem cells, which are already in your body right now.

“I work on stem cells,” Dr. Lipton says. “Stem cells are embryonic cells. They can replace any tissue or organ in your body right now. You’re filled with stem cells.

And yet, here’s the interesting cultural belief: “Well, God must’ve given me these stem cells but apparently they don’t work, and so we’re going to give them to pharmaceutical companies and we’re going to give them billions of dollars and they’re going to find the key to how to make the stem cells works.” And it’s like, come on, give me a break. Do you think you got these stem cells with no way to use them?”

And the answer, of course, is no.

But harnessing your body’s ability to heal itself involves major shifts in your thought processes. You must believe your body can heal for it to work.

Your beliefs are energy fields, and they are working to promote either health or disease in your body right now. Which one is up to you.

If you’d like to experiment with this concept in your own life, I recommend taking it in baby steps. Start by releasing your negative emotional challenges using a tool such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Focus on changing one thought, such as “I am tired,” into “I am full of energy,” and see what happens.

Keep your mind open, and accept the idea that you’re in control of your health. As you continue to let go of the limiting beliefs that you have been “programmed” with since you were a child, you will increasingly see that when it comes to the ability of your mind to heal you, there are NO limitations. The sky is the limit.
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