Most Amazing Commercial You Ever Saw

I realize that this newsletter goes to 1.5 million people and many of you may have a different view than me on your favorite commercial, so PLEASE let me know what your favorite commercial is by posting your comment below. Ideally,  post a link to it so we can all see it.

This way you can inform the entire community about these amazing creations.

I really was amazed by this commercial though, and it is one of my all time favorites. Pity that it was created by a company that sells a product that destroys your health. I wish health-promoting companies would do this type of incredible marketing!

Then again, commercials like these cost millions of dollars, so you typically only see this kind of quality from mega-companies selling fast food, beer and soft drinks, which are clearly not good for your health, but that make that kind of revenue.

Car manufacturers also have a knack for creating spectacular commercials every now and then. Here’s another of my favorite commercials ever – which is as extraordinary as the commercial above, even though it’s made entirely without animation: The Best Car Commercial You Ever Saw.

I believe watching most commercial TV is one of the most pernicious influences on your health, and one of the best things you can do is wean yourself off of this destructive habit.

However, absolutes are rarely appropriate, and there are some exceptions that can be made for watching TV. Humor, for example, provides a natural boost to your health, and that‘s a good thing.

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