Not Your Everyday Travel Tips

travel, vacation, airplaneUnless you have planned a road trip, where the journey is just as much fun as the destination, most travelers would just as soon bypass the “traveling” portion of their trips.

But with gas prices the way they are, I doubt many of you will be taking a leisurely drive around the United States any time soon. So are you destined to long airport security lines, cancelled flights and leaking toiletries in your overnight bag?

Perhaps to some extent, but the following travel tips from Lifehack, which are much more unique than the standard “tie a ribbon on your suitcase so you can identify it” type, will make traveling much less of a hassle.

1. Don’t travel with gel pens. You could wake up in a pool of ink, as the air pressure changes can cause the ink to burst out. I learned this lesson MANY years ago but thought they changed the technology -- and I recently ruined three perfectly good pairs of pants. NEVER again! I have finally learned my lesson!!

2. ALWAYS look at the airline luggage routing tags that the ticket agent is putting on your checked baggage, and look at your claim stubs too. Don’t just assume they are putting the right tag on the right bag.

3. Take note of something interesting about the contents of your bag. It makes it easier to identify if there’s a problem.

4. Travel with Sharpie markers and zip-closure plastic bags. They are great for marking and identifying things quickly.

5. If your flight is cancelled, don’t wait in the long line in front of the ticket agent to get on another plane. Just step aside and call your airline directly from your cell phone. It’s just like cutting in line, but nobody will get mad at you.

6. Bring pre-printed return address labels with you. They’re great for quickly filling out airline luggage tags and other forms.

7. Get a travel pillow that supports your neck. Neck pillows like the Bucky brand are filled with buckwheat hulls and support your neck while you’re trying to sleep on the plane.
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