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Five Principles That Can Heal Virtually Any Illness, Part 2

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In this second video of a three part series, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt explains the third level of The Five Levels of Healing.


The Five Levels of Healing are based on a healing model developed some 12,000 years ago. It has been the influence for Tibetan medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as well as Ayurvedic medicine. At its core, the model simply states that you are not just your physical body. You are also surrounded and penetrated by four other invisible energy bodies.


The third level is your mental body; the biophotons field surrounding your body. This biophotons field records all your life‘s events, and stores your long-term memory. As amazing as this sounds, Dr. Klinghardt offers fascinating insight into the physics and science behind this mechanism.


If you missed Part 1 of this series, which explains the first and second levels of the Five Levels of Healing, please watch it now.


The last part of this series, Part 3, which goes over the fourth and fifth levels, will follow next week. You won‘t want to miss it!

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is one of my important mentors in natural medicine. I interviewed him earlier this year, and this video is just a tiny portion of our full two-hour discussion on this fascinating topic.

If you’re a member of my Inner Circle, you have the benefit of receiving this audio interview in its entirety on a CD, accompanied by an illustrated transcript.

In this video, Dr. Klinghardt explains the Third Level of Healing – your Mental Body.  

Do You Know Where Your Long-Term Memories are Stored? 

Here Dr. Klinghardt explains how it is in fact your mental body – your biophoton field -- that records all of your life’s events. This seems confusing to most people, as the brain is traditionally considered to be the seat of memory. But, as Dr. Klinghardt explains in detail in his interview, that is only true in parts. 

In modern neuroscience, it is now known that your brain has a number of circuits that explain short-term memory, but there’s no circuitry for long-term memory. And this is where your biophoton field comes into the picture.  

What is the Biophoton Field? 

In highly simplistic terms, your mental body can be viewed as a highly sophisticated computer that processes, stores and retrieves information, which is then used to regulate your physical body.  

It is known in biology that every cell in your body has over 100,000 biochemical reactions per second, all of which must be carefully timed and sequenced with each other. Many (mostly European) scientists have investigated the organizing principle behind this sophisticated dance.  

The existence of the biophotons field was proven all the way back in 1974, by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. He also proved that biophotons originate from your DNA and that they are laser-like in nature. Dr. Popp developed the biophoton theory to explain their biological role and the ways in which they help control biochemical processes.  

So how does it work? 

The DNA inside each cell vibrates at a frequency of several billion hertz (which is unfortunately the same range at which modern cell phone communication systems also work). The vibration is created through the coil-like contraction and extension of your DNA -- which occurs several billion times per second -- and every time it contracts, it squeezes out one single biophoton; a light particle.  

That photon contains all the information on everything going on in your DNA at that moment. One single biophoton can carry more than four megabytes of information, and relays this information to other biophotons it crosses in the biophoton field outside your body. 

All the photons that are emitted from your body communicate with each other in this highly structured light field that surrounds your body, and which is the actual carrier of your long-term memory (Dr. Klinghardt shares a fascinating story about how he believes even pre-birth memories can be recollected by tapping into this field).  

This light field also regulates the activity of your metabolic enzymes.  

The information transfer on biophotons is bidirectional, which means your DNA sends information out on a photon, and on the same photon the information of all the biophotons from your body is broadcast back to your cells, and to your tubulin, which are light conductive molecules in your connective tissue.  

The tubulin, in turn, receives the information-carrying light impulse and conducts it at the speed of light throughout your body, where it is translated inside each cell into activating or inactivating certain metabolic enzymes.  

A fascinating alternative practice that Dr. Klinghardt has started using, based on this science, is to use tools that work with light to influence your biophoton field in beneficial ways. For example, transmitting the information of nutrients in the form of light into your biophotons field can affect your body in the same way as eating the nutrient! It’s really fascinating stuff. 

Likewise, biophoton research explains the underlying principles of why it’s so vital to eat a diet of mostly RAW food, as I discussed in last week’s article, How Cheetahs Dying Can Massively Improve Your Health

How Your Biophoton Field is Affected by Environmental Toxins 

One very important factor that has a major impact on your biophoton field, and hence your physical body, is mercury

Mercury, at extremely low concentrations, destroys your tubulins – the light-conductive molecules in your connective tissues. So it disconnects the intelligent organizing force that organizes your biochemistry by disrupting these all-important light transmissions from your biophoton field to your cells, to your metabolic enzymes.  

All the more reason to avoid those yearly flu shots!