Amazingly Cool Free Backgrounds for Your Computer

screensaver, computer backgroundscreensaver, computer backgroundIt‘s really surprising how a simple change of image (or ‘view‘) makes your work environment seem fresh again. Try it.

The links below are loaded with stunning images you can download to your computer instantly -- and at no cost.

If you use a PC with Windows, the easiest way to set a new wallpaper is to right click on the full size image in your Web browser and select ‘set as desktop background‘ -- it‘s as easy as that!

Of course, even with a new computer background your office can still get monotonous, and this makes it difficult to be productive and creative. In fact, according to the principles of bau-biologie, or “building biology,” your environment can either invigorate your mind and body -- or make you feel dull, down and dreary.

With that in mind, here are my top tips to make your office an inspiring one:

1. Keep the doorway free and clear of clutter (such as filing cabinets).

2. Balance the color. Every color is represented by an element, and too much of one color can lead to feeling either over or under stimulated.

3. Leave some open spaces, as cramming too much furniture or accessories into your workplace can make you feel tense.

4. If possible, have a window. Natural light keeps you in sync with the progression of day and night, the environment, and the seasons. If it’s not possible to have a window in your office, I recommend using full-spectrum light bulbs to mimic the sun -- and getting out for regular walks in the fresh air and sunshine.

5. Add some flowers or potted plants. They can boost your spirits and also help diffuse the harmful electromagnetic fields around your electronic equipment.
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