Can You Tell If These Pictures Are From Biology or Physics?

magic, biology, physics, photos, picturesSome of the images at the link below are from the science of biology, others from physics.    

Can you guess which are which? Click on the link to take the test. 

It’s not easy to tell!

I really enjoy sharing the "mystery and magic" of physics and thought this was a great example. These photos are a great reminder of how fascinating, wonderful, and sometimes incomprehensible the world around us really is, both in terms of biology and physics. 

You might wonder what physics has to do with health. Well, much of energy medicine is based on this concept, for one. And the more we find out about the workings of energy medicine, the more the lines between biology and physics seem to blur

Many are challenged to understand physics, but the more fully we comprehend its nature, the more practical implementations we can achieve.

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