The Philosophy -- and the Price -- of Liberty

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Those of us in the U.S. are celebrating on the Fourth of July with picnics, parties and, of course, fireworks. But I think it’s important to take a few minutes to think about what the Fourth of July is really about -- in a word, liberty.

The philosophy of liberty is based on self-ownership. And in the video above you can watch a simple but elegant and hard-hitting animation from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty site that explains exactly what that means.

The U.S. was formed on the belief that we have a right to life, liberty, and the property we create -- and a responsibility to think, speak and act on that behalf.

It is easier, though, to do nothing, and to let those in power have all of the control. But when that happens, you often lose your liberty and your freedom of personal choice -- and may even end up inadvertently supporting something evil.

Whatever Happened to the Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?

Most of us in the U.S. fail to regularly appreciate the sacrifices of those that preceded us so we can enjoy the fruits of freedom.
It’s interesting to think about the men who were so dedicated to liberty that they were willing to sign their names on a document that renounced their government. They put their lives, their families, their fortunes and their reputations on the line in order to protect this basic right.

And many of them lost a great deal as a result. Some of their homes were ransacked and burned, some were captured by the British, and others had their sons or wives taken captive.

But what’s important to remember is that none of this was unique to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

There were many others also sacrificing and risking their lives to support their right to freedom and independence. And the fact that they were not well-known or privileged enough to sign the actual document makes their contributions no less significant.  

There are certainly many outrageous abuses of human rights in the world right now. But no matter what country you live in you can take some inspiration from the people who put their lives on the line for emancipation and liberation.

Right now, my current focus is on the health care front, trying to educate and convince you that you have the ability to take control of your own health.

But there are many other causes out there. Whatever cause it is that you feel passionate about, make a pledge to think and speak out on its behalf. By doing so you are helping to support the spirit of freedom and justice upon which not only America was founded, but also which sits at the very core of humanity.
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