How to Make Profound and Lasting Change

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Is there an area of your life that you would like to change? Perhaps you want to lose weight, improve your temper, control your web browsing addictions, become a better parent, or just wake up early and exercise regularly.

Real behavior changes are very difficult to bring about by effort of will alone. However, a solution that brings about profound change is to change your mental models, which will change the way you look at the world.

Be Aware of Your Mental Chatter

Your mental chatter is the internal dialog that is going on in your head at all times. You may think that you are given a set of things that is your reality, but that is not really the case. You construct it with your mental chatter.

Be aware of your mental chatter and recognize that the voice in your head is not you.

Learn to deal with the part that talks down to you, challenges your self-esteem and is the source that limits your infinite potential.

Change Your Mental Models

A mental model is your belief of how the world works. They can be very useful because they simplify your life and save you mental energy.

The problem is not that you have mental models, but that many people do not recognize them for what they are. They are not how the world works; they are your perception of how the world works.

Every time you find yourself unhappy with something in your life, you can always trace it back to one or more mental models which are not serving you very well.

Avoid Living in a Me-Centered Universe

Most of us have a habit of living in a Me Centered Universe. We interpret everything that happens in terms of, What impact does it have on me?

If you spend the majority of your time in a Me Centered Universe, you are guaranteed to find more than your share of frustrations, pain, and suffering.

The only way you can live a completely fulfilled life is to design your life in a way that brings greater good to a greater community. The good news is that once you recognize this, it is not that hard to make a shift.

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