Prescriptions For a Healthy House

Welcome to a brand New Feature of the newsletter that a number of people have encouraged me to put together. This year I joined the Strategic Coaching group developed by Dan Sullivan. It is designed to teach entrepreneurs how to become even more effective. One of the primary reasons I joined was to help reclaim more balance in my life.

Strategic Coaching is the absolute best coaching program I have ever been involved in.

One of the important principles they teach is regarding your own individual "unique ability". Your unique ability is a superior innate skill which you possess, and other people notice and value about you. It is some activity that you thoroughly enjoy and want to do as often as possible, as it's engaging for you and others around you. You typically get better and better at it, and will never run out of possibilities for improvement. You can download Dan Sullivan's past newsletter on this for more information.

Strengths FinderI went through Dan's process recently to determine my own unique ability. I also used another book called Strengths Finder, which really helped me through the process. As an additional bonus, purchasing the book allows you to take an online test to help you discern your true strengths.

When I went through the process I described above, I discovered my number one strength is learning. I am wild and passionate about learning and always seek to find the truth; especially as it relates to health, self improvement, and reducing needless pain and suffering.

New Weekly Column

Because of my insatiable appetite for learning, I usually purchase or receive an average of five books every week. Needless to say I run across some phenomenal books! It really seemed a major waste (and I hate waste) not to share some information on these books with you. So I have decided to write about one book that I am in the process of reading, each week.

Prescriptions For a Healthy House

Prescriptions for a Healthy HouseThe first book on the list is Prescriptions for a Healthy House by Paula Baker-Laporte, co-written by John Banta and Erica Elliott.

Paula is a committed and dedicated architect and one of the leaders in the green building movement. She is a pioneer, and her book is an absolute treasure of information. Paula has integrated many of the safe building practices that are time honored and tested, and incorporated them into contemporary American building practices.

The dangers of conventional building materials and how they are toxic and contribute to indoor air pollution is one of the areas of her expertise. She carefully details why standard building practices are harmful, and how to take a healthier route. Comprehensive guides on how to find some of these alternative building materials and resources are found in Prescriptions for a Healthy House.

This book is an absolute must for those who are considering constructing a new building, or renovating an older one. If you are interested in health, this book is a no brainer. Why wouldn't you invest $28.95 to learn what one of the most talented and knowledgeable leaders in this field have learned so you can apply it to your home?

I actually hired Paula as a consultant for our new office building. With her help we were able to achieve the highest green building certification on the planet. The new building is Platinum LEED certified. There are only 17 buildings in the US, and 70 in the world that have achieved this certification level. If you are ever in the Chicago area, I hope you will stop by and visit our new office building, located at 3200 West Higgins in Hoffman Estates, IL.

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