A Fascinating Interactive Web Site

interactive, internet, web site, spirograph, interactive TVThat I’m a major fan of the internet shouldn’t be news to anyone. It has given me the means to reach literally millions of people across the world, and allowed me to implement my vision to change the medical paradigm on a large scale, for starters. Not to mention the fact that it allows me to explore and learn at a pace that would otherwise be impossible. 

However, the internet is also a source of entertainment for many – me included. This amazing site is the interactive web at its best. Explore around to see fractals, context-free television, and move your mouse through the great imagination link.  

Don’t be afraid to click around -- it‘s interactive!

If you want something interactive that you can download to your desktop, I’d recommend checking out this interactive Flash animation piece by DeviantART.

Remember being entertained for hours as a child with a spirograph toy? (Okay, you may have to be over the age of 40 or so to remember this one.) Anyway, spirographs produce mathematical curves that form great-looking designs, and DeviantART has created the modern version of this addictive toy.

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