How to Make Yourself Indispensable

indispensableIf you didn’t show up at work tomorrow, would it matter? What if you didn’t show up for dinner?

These are the questions posed by this Lifehack article, which advises making some major changes -- in your life and in yourself -- if you can answer no to either one of them.

After all, feeling appreciated and getting recognition from your friends, family and colleagues is something that all of us crave. And a life without either could easily interfere with your emotional well-being.

While the ideas below are not easy, they’re not impossible either. If you want to feel and be not only important but also indispensable, here’s what Lifehack suggests you do. 

1. Network

Join and use one or two social networking tools. Select 10 or 20 people who are prominent in your field and introduce yourself to them by writing them letters or email, giving them a call, or leaving comments on their blogs. Join and become active in professional or recreational organizations.

2. Love

Try to be a loving, caring person in all your relationships. Approach every person you interact with as a person with their own needs, desires, and motivations. Look out for the people around you, be there when they need someone to lean on.

3. Excel

Be excellent at something. Figure out the thing that is most satisfying to you and learn how to do it better than anyone else.

4. Create Something

Whether it’s a book, a blog, a painting, a piece of furniture, or a recipe. The things you create contain a little part of you, a spark of who you are.

5. Innovate

Figure out how to solve problems and you will be anything but disposable.

6. Make People Feel Good

A joke, a compliment, an engaging discussion about the latest film or book -- these things add a little light to the lives of those around you.

7. Share or Teach What You Know

It’s not all that hard to put together a class, seminar, or workshop on just about any topic. Also seek out opportunities to share what you know informally throughout the day.

8. Be Eccentric

Eccentricity represents a significant difference in the way you view the world. While this can be alienating to some people, others will seek out and reward you handsomely for your insights.

9. Make a Difference

What matters in all these points is that you make a difference in people’s lives. Do that, and the world -- or at least some of the world -- will hang on your every action.
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