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Energy Devices That Can Diagnose and Treat Your Illnesses

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In this video, Dr. William LaValley talks with Dr. Mercola about the appropriate use of electrodermal screening. This excellent tool can be used to create a homeopathic prescription to stabilize and balance your body’s energy (or chi). It can work much like traditional acupuncture to improve your health.
Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Many natural health experts believe that your body is not only made up of tissue, blood vessels and organs. It’s also composed of energy, or chi as it’s called in traditional Chinese medicine, which is produced by your organs.

This energy is circulated through your body along specific meridians, and when points on your skin that correspond to certain meridians are manipulated, the energy circulation and your internal organs are affected.

It used to be that the only way to manipulate these points involved invasive practices such as acupuncture. Then, in the 1950s, Dr. Reinhold Voll discovered that you could test electrical skin resistance and gain information about your chi in a completely non-invasive way. And this marked the beginning of electrodermal screening. Dr. Voll is generally regarded as the “father” of this type of assessment.

If an electrodermal screening finds that certain meridian points are out of balance there are numerous ways, such as massage therapy, herbal medicine and homeopathy, to bring them back into homeostasis.

Dr. William LaValley actually learned this information from Dr. Voll, among many others, and has mastered the skill of using homeopathy to balance your chi.

It’s About Balancing Your Energy, Not Diagnosing

There’s a bit of a misconception that electcrodermal screening is intended to diagnose. In reality, it’s only intended to rebalance your chi, not diagnose anything.

“A diagnosis is made by an entire clinical picture and the electro-dermal screening is just a subset of that clinical picture and it is inherently subjective, it’s a subjective tool. It is not objective,” Dr. LaValley says.

For this reason, electrodermal screening is only as successful as its practitioner.

“Let’s say that the practitioner uses the electro-dermal screening tool and tests on the large intestine meridian and finds a resonance or a matching with the homeopathic extract that is for a type of parasite,” Dr. LaValley says.

“Many of the electro-dermal screening practitioners will say, ‘Oh, well, that means you have that parasite.’ And that is absolutely untrue and there’s no way to prove that unless you prove it by conventional means … This failure of logic is so pervasive and so flagrant that many practitioners actually believe it themselves,” he says.

“The way that I use the tool is, I don’t make any diagnosis from that. What I do is use the tool to help me select what combination of homeopathic prescription remedies I can use to stabilize and equalize the acupuncture energy, meaning to now find what were unequal and unstable skin resistance readings to now get them all to be equal when compared to each other and then to be stable rather than fluctuating,” Dr. LaValley continues.

And it is this energy stability that is associated with robust health.

Thinking About an Energy Assessment?

There are a number of different instruments available to have an energy assessment, but most of these instruments are descendants of equipment developed by Dr. Voll.

While I strongly believe energy assessment tools are one of the most sensitive biological indicators available today, most all of them are highly dependent upon the skill of the practitioner.

I have had a number of different assessments done by various clinicians, but one of the best was done by Dr. Lee Cowden, one of the current leaders in energy medicine in the United States. I will tell my story in the near future, but through this technology he was able to actually reverse a progressive kidney insufficiency that was moving toward kidney failure.

I am happy to report that after struggling with this issue for over eight years as a result of improperly removed mercury fillings, only one session with him and implementing his recommendations has resulted in nearly complete remission of my kidney challenge.

So, needless to say, I am a strong believer in energy medicine and would personally always use it over conventional modalities.

However, the science supporting these tools is weak and it can’t be broadly recommended for all. Plus, there really aren’t enough skilled clinicians like Dr. Cowden or Dr. LaValley to perform these assessments. So please keep that in mind when considering the use of these tools. And, if you do decide to go forward, be sure you strive to find a highly experienced, highly recommended practitioner to perform your energy assessment.