The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food

The Whole Soy StoryAre you caught up in the deceptive hype from the soy industry? If so, you have likely been convinced that soy is a health food. This belief is an unfortunate side effect of not having done your homework, relying instead on the brainwashing propaganda of the soy industry, which in many ways is not much different than that of the drug companies.

They have cleverly targeted health conscious consumers with a well thought out; well-financed campaign to convince you that soy is healthy. They were clearly effective, as "healthy soy" is one of the biggest health myths in the health food industry.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Kaayla Daniel for our Inner Circle Experts Series. I had never spoken with her before and was really amazed at the depth of her knowledge on this important topic.

The Truth About Soy

Let me assure you that if you carefully review the thousands of studies published on soy you will reach the following conclusion:

Any possible benefits of consuming soy are FAR outweighed by the well-proven risks of soy.

The problem with many of these studies is that the conclusion is NOT supported by the study, or is only partially true, with serious omissions that are conveniently excluded from the conclusion. For example, they might say that soy reduces your risk of colon cancer but neglect to state that they found it increases your risk of ten other cancers.

You could delve into these studies yourself and form your conclusion, or rely on Dr. Daniel to do this for you. She did her Ph.D. research on this topic, which eventually resulted in this book: The Whole Soy Story.

The soy industry has been so effective in their manipulation techniques that they‘ve even been able to hoodwink the FDA to allow soy to carry the health claim of reducing heart disease and cholesterol. They recently tried to snag the claim of reducing the risk of cancer, but Dr. Daniel was able to effectively prevent that claim from being approved. Had it been approved, soy consumption would likely have doubled to more than $8 billion in annual U.S. sales.

Soy Consumption and Thyroid Problems

You might be aware that thyroid problems are pandemic in the U.S., especially in women. Well, one of the major reasons for this is because of the isoflavones in soy that is being widely consumed. Soy isoflavones can damage thyroid function, and for this reason alone should be avoided.

The Dangers of Soy Infant Formula

This is perhaps the most tragic use of soy as a food. Many well intentioned parents put their infants on soy formula, either because they believe it is "healthier" or because they are allergic to traditional infant formula.

Either way, it‘s a prescription for disaster. Soy formula causes harm to your baby in two primary ways.

First, most soy formula has 80 times the amount of manganese as breast milk and can directly cause brain dysfunction. Additionally, there is the hormonal equivalent of 4-5 birth control pills in a daily dose of soy formula, which can cause significantly premature puberty and other sexual abnormalities, and an increased risk of cancer.

In my mind this product should be banned. In fact there was a recent movement in California to have that done but it failed to get passed.

Additionally, there are a number of foreign governments like Israel, England, and France that have taken very strong anti-soy positions.

The Whole Soy Story is an ABSOLUTE must read if someone you know or love is convinced soy is a health food.

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