Watch this Duo Whirl You into Gooey Dessert Paradise!

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September 06, 2008 | 17,281 views

Today, Luci is joined by her good friend, Erica, from Utah.  Erica shares about her interest in Dr. Mercola's health newsletter, having first found out about it through a relative who had been helped through a serious health condition by Dr. Mercola's natural healing information.  Nine years later, Erica still finds the newsletter of great value, and over this time, has incorporated many of its helpful health principles into her personal health path.

Together, Luci and Erica whip up a tantalizing dessert treat:  Organic, chocolate brownies.  If you're like Erica and you like sweets, but they don't like you back, this brownie treat will satisfy your sweet tooth without the downside.  Follow along, and you'll soon be in brownie paradise!

Dry ingredients:

Wet ingredients in small bowl:

Wet ingredients in small saucepan:


Best served slightly underdone and hot. These brownies freeze well, so they can be kept on hand, but out of sight!  Enjoy! I know you will.