How to Use Your Camera As An Easy Way to Save Money

camera, save money, money saving tips, photographyMany people carry a digital camera with them at all times these days, just by virtue of carrying around a cell phone. Here are a few ways to put that camera to good use and save yourself a bit of money.

Protect Your Deposit

Before you move into a new place, photograph every bit of damage you can find. Email the photographs to yourself or your landlord to establish the date. If your landlord tries to charge you for the damage, you have proof you can take to court.

Support Your Insurance Claims

Insurance agents recommend that you write down the serial number of pretty much everything you buy. If you get in the habit of photographing the serial numbers of your various electronics, it’s an easy way to make a record of them.

Give Emergency Presents

If you need a birthday present in a hurry, print off a photo, put it in a frame and wrap it. Many people appreciate getting a photo that reminds them of the good times that you’ve had together.

Enhance Your Memory

Rather than hauling a PDA or laptop around all the time, you can use your camera to record certain kinds of information -- such as phone numbers on billboards, or maps.

Make Money From Your Photos

There are tons of ways to make money off of digital images. Simply uploading your shots to a stock photography site is probably the easiest. There are literally hundreds of sites that handle the hard parts of selling stock photos. It’s just a matter of uploading your photos.

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