Just How Secure is Your Password?

online, internet, security, password, computer, identity, identity theft, fraudThere are many ways to invite theft online, whether it be unauthorized access to proprietary business information, or your personal data. I would know; I was a victim of identity theft myself back in 2005 through a very clever eBay phishing scam.

One common blunder is to get sloppy with your passwords.

Nine percent of home Internet users designate a single password for all their accounts. That practice lets someone who gets your password and steals your identity easily access ALL your accounts.

Others make the mistake of using passwords that are too short, or too easy to guess correctly.

The Hackosis Brute Force Calculator tells you how long your password will last against sustained attack.

The results will probably surprise and scare you a little. Especially if you rely on simple, memorable passwords, to lock away your online stuff.  

So think again.  

Think *($&£^”_8/>~’#89*&$*&!

And using different passwords for your various accounts need not be burdensome. Just using slight variations on one password can do the trick while still keeping your information safer.

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