9 Wonderful Ways to Get Started in the World of Personal Productivity

productivity, time management, tips, tricksIt’s easy to get lost in the world of personal productivity. It’s a jungle of information and not all of it makes sense. Here you’ll find a few of the blogs and books you should read to get a grip on it all, if you’re serious about getting this part of your life under control.


1. Lifehack -- Lifehack provides a whole bunch of great information and helps hundreds of thousands of people get their productivity under control.

2. Lifehacker -- Often confused with Lifehack thanks to the difference of only a syllable in name, Lifehacker is actually quite a different site. It’s filled with a stream of tips, tricks and software recommendations that can help you make life a little bit easier.

3. Zen Habits -- Leo Babauta, a former Lifehack contributor, runs Zen Habits, a site that discusses all sorts of things in all areas of personal development. His productivity advice is sound and his writing is engaging.

4. Put Things Off -- The advice is not only good reading and practical, but the author is funny as well. There’s no more comedic way to get productivity advice out there.

5. 43 Folders -- 43 Folders was one of the pioneers in the productivity blogging sphere, and to this day many people getting started flock to Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero and Making Time to Make pieces as starting points and foundational items in their systems.


6. Getting Things Done -- Many would consider Getting Things Done the book on personal productivity principles. It offers a great system and is so influential that many people who’ve never even read the back cover of the book are implementing concepts and techniques discussed in it.

7. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People -- Where Getting Things Done’s focus is more on systems and methods, Stephen Covey’s book focuses more on principles and habits that make you more effective and productive.

8. 4 Hour Work Week -- This book by Tim Ferriss is one of the most recent popular books on productivity topics and talks about a whole range of things from outsourcing to firewalling incoming information. It’s definitely a must-read that is very relevant to the times we live in.

9. Zen to Done -- As you’d imagine from a book with the word “Zen” in the name, it’s about getting things done with simplicity. It’s a short and readable ebook with a great price and is definitely worth the penny. If you’re looking for a book you can get in and out of quickly, grab this one.
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