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Regenerative Medicine -- Spare Body Parts for You Very Soon

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This news segment highlights a potential medical breakthrough -- cell regeneration and the future of growing organs from your body's own cells.
Dr. Mercola's Comments:

The science of cell-, and even complete limb regeneration still sounds like futuristic sci-fi medicine to most, but believe me, the future is already here, today. To find out more about this exciting new field, please read the guest commentary below, by David A. Kekich with the Maximum Life Foundation 

And the Beat Goes On 

Blink your eye and miss a new scientific miracle.  

In the short time since this video was recorded, an advanced tuberculosis patient breathes much better after receiving a trachea transplant, using her own stem cells. Researchers from four European universities took a trachea from a deceased donor, removed its cells, leaving the extracellular structure, and re-seeded it with stem cells from her bone marrow and elsewhere.

Other scientists have brought a dead rat’s heart back to life by rebuilding it from a matrix, or a bare framework of tissue filled with young rat stem cells. They stripped the dead heart of its cells and used the remaining frame as the foundation for the new heart. This is headed in the direction of providing a new source of "reconditioned" organs for transplant operations.

After a week of being cultured in the laboratory, the cells started to beat in rhythm, and a few days later, the reconditioned heart actually began to pump blood.

Researcher Dr. Doris Taylor of the University of Minnesota said,  

"We believe in giving nature the tools and getting out of the way, so we took nature's building blocks to build a new organ. We are not there yet, but this is a good first step."  

Giving Nature a Boost… Naturally

The Maximum Life Foundation has discovered an emerging technology that could fine tune these treatments by making every adult stem cell therapy in the world much more safe and effective. In addition to eventually helping restore hearts, bladders, livers, lungs, immune systems and more to the condition of those of young adults, it holds the promise to even restore old skin and bald scalps starting in less than 18 months from the time they raise minimal capital.

As we age, our stem cells diminish in quality and quantity. Just when we most require strong stem cells, we’re deficient. Our organs and tissues eventually wear out and need to be restored or replaced.

Cells become randomly damaged or mutated over time, but a small percentage may incur relatively little damage—or may escape damage altogether. So some of your stem cells may be as pristine as those that you enjoyed as a teenager, or even as an infant.

This technology identifies, isolates and amplifies those “pristine” stem cells from the patient’s own population for therapies. In principle, this means a heart patient could have his or her heart treated with “young” stem cells rather than the old mutated cells currently used.  

Companies like Tengion and clinicians and research scientists like Dr. Atala could supercharge their technology and treatments by using these “best of breed” cells instead of old cells. Why settle for 60 year-old bladders and hearts when they could be like those of a 16 year-old?  

Adult Stem Cell Advantages 

Adult stem cell treatment is the wave of the future. No rejection, therefore no dangerous immunosuppressive drugs. And besides certain ethical issues and regulatory barriers to embryonic stem cell therapy, adult stem cells may hold several technical advantages. For one, they may be more viable.  

It’s a little known fact that only about 30% of conceptions advance to term. In other words, about 70% of embryos may be so defective that they naturally abort. 

Multiple Proven Treatments 

As a bridge to human therapies, a San Diego company is already giving us a peek into the future with horse and dog treatments. Vet-Stem provides a quick-turnaround laboratory service that lets veterinarians to use regenerative cells in animals.  

The veterinarian simply collects a small fat sample from the patient and ships it overnight to the Vet-Stem laboratory. Then, Vet-Stem processes the sample, concentrates the cells which are shipped in ready-to-inject syringes. Finally, the veterinarian injects the cells directly into the injured site. 

With more than 3,000 horses treated and multiple studies demonstrating the success and safety of their regenerative medicine, Vet-Stem currently helps horses and dogs with fractures, joint disease, or tendon or ligament injuries return to their full level of ability. 

Imagine the prospects for aged humans if similar treatments used pristine human stem cells. 

The Human Potential and Your Potentially Unlimited Future 

50,000 people die annually waiting for organ transplants. 100,000 die every day from aging related diseases and conditions. What if we could replace virtually every organ in patients’ bodies with young pristine organs as they age?  

This is a step towards greatly extended youthful lifespans, and there’s more waiting in the wings. Find out what else by visiting, and download your free copy of the new book, Life Extension Express "7 steps you can take now, to catch the emerging wave of medical breakthroughs… for a youthful, indefinite (yes, indefinite) lifespan."