Avoid Taco Bell’s Frutista Freeze Like the Plague!

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I happened to be watching TV the other day, when I saw an advert for a fast-food restaurant’s new, frozen drink, and I thought you should be aware of this.  The restaurant is Taco Bell, and they’ve come out with this drink, which of course, they’re touting as being fantastic.  It’s called, “Frutista Freeze.”  If you’ve had the pleasure of catching this commercial, no doubt you saw the images of fruit flying all around, while at the end, they quickly reveal that it “contains no fruit juice.”  How nice!  So, no real fruit was harmed in the making of the commercial. Nice.

Sadly, this is typical of fast-food drinks.  Often, they contain no fruit juice whatsoever, let alone anything else that’s good for you. They do, however, contain ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup, which, of course, we all want to avoid like the plague.

Luckily, in a recent video I did, which you can look up on Mercola.com, I showed how to make your own refreshing, delicious fruit “soda”, using naturally-carbonated, “fizzy” water and a splash of organic fruit juice, which you can either juice yourself or buy from the store.

This make-at-home fruit soda is not only heavenly to taste, but good for you as well, and contains none of the nasties that are so commonly found in fast-food drinks.

I hope you benefit from this quick tip, and that you visit Mercola.com, check out the Fruit Soda video and take the time to try out that recipe.


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