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Oprah thrilled her show audience one day by giving each member a Kindle -- a lightweight, portable electronic book reader. Kindles have been out of stock for ages, but are finally available for pre-order. I've got one, and I urge you to snap one up now, too -- before they run out again. 

The new Kindle 2 is an amazing 0.36 inches thin -- making the 0.48-inch iPhone look chunky. It is as thin as a magazine and lighter than the average paperback book.

Easily Download Books in Less Than a Minute Without a Computer

The 3G technology allows you to easily and effortlessly download books wirelessly, so you never need to hunt for a Wifi hot spot. You don't need any computer to download the books, the Kindle has an embedded cell phone connection that you are free to use that allows you to do this.

It also has improved storage and can now hold an amazing 1500 books and they now look better due to the new 16-shade grayscale screen which renders handsome black and white photos.

No Problem With Cell Phones

Don't worry about the cell phone dangers as you don't have to hold this device to your ear when you are downloading your books. The phone is only on for 60 seconds while the book is being downloaded. Otherwise it is not on at all, just like cell phone when you are not talking and there is no cell phone EMF while you are reading or listening to the book.

Now Your Can LISTEN to Your Books

Kindle 2.0 also introduces a text-to-speech function that reads aloud anything on the screen. Though it lacks real intonation, the voice does sound much better than the 1950s android-style speech you might expect. 

This is a great feature because you can listen to the Kindle for up to two weeks on a single charge and you can comfortably use this to listen to audio books in your car.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

If you read at all and haven't heard of the Kindle you are missing a major tech innovation that will radically improve your ability to purchase and store your library.

For those of you who haven't seen  the Oprah show where she gave her entire audience one, the Kindle is a new eBook reader from Amazon.  The reason I am announcing it here is that they will be releasing a new version of the Kindle in a few weeks which you can pre order  now. Version one has been out of stock for many months, so the sooner you order, the more likely you will be able to grab one.

The Kindle has sold more units than the iPod did when it was first launched.   Amazon hopes that the Kindle becomes the iPod of the literary world, rivaling the printed book. It really is heralding a new transformation of the publishing industry.  My guess is that traditional publishers are dinosaurs and most will not be with us much longer in their current form because of this type of technology.

The Kindle 2 has several incremental improvements over its predecessor, which went on sale in 2007. Amazon said the upgraded device has seven times the memory of the original version, turns pages faster and has a sharper display.

It also features a new design with round keys and a short, joystick-like controller — a departure from the earlier design, which some buyers had criticized as awkward. The device will ship Feb. 24. The price remains at $359.

You can preorder the Kindle 2 here.  You can also see a video of the new Kindle 2 in action by going to this link

Get FREE Books!

And, as a free bonus, here’s a link to an article that explains how you can download free books to your brand new Kindle!

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