Are You Only One Bad Diagnosis Away from Financial Ruin?

asset, finances, economy, health, health care, diagnosis, ruin, bankruptcyAs you read this heartbreaking article in Time, linked below, you will find that most families in the U.S. are only one bad diagnosis away from a financial catastrophe.

To me this is a very compelling argument to stay as healthy as you can, by following the recommendations on this site. Unfortunately, the conventional medical model and most people in our culture view disease as something that is lurking around the corner and can inflict its pain and suffering on nearly anyone.

This is not too different from being victim to catching a cold.

I, and I suspect most of you reading this, believe something quite different.  It is my strong view that your body is designed to stay healthy. Its thermostat is to be healthy all the time.  All you need to do is give it the raw materials like healthy unprocessed food, sleep, exercise, appropriate amounts of sunshine to optimize your vitamin D levels, love, emotional balancing and stay away from toxins and poisons and your body will be healthy.  Plain and simple. Nothing too complex.

If you apply these basic principles your body will self-regulate to optimal health and wellness, and for the most part you will be protected or immunized against most all diseases aside from accidents.

Even in a healthy economy, it is wise to follow ideal health guidelines, as all the money in the world will not protect you from disease if you fail to follow these guidelines.  However, in this troubled economy, if you aren't wealthy, as this article clearly points out, it has the potential to ruin you financially -- which will only make everything worse.

So the bright side of this down economy is that we have even MORE motivation to stay healthy.   Many of you may not realize that I have summarized the major highlights of my health program into three different categories, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  You can click on these links to find my comprehensive recommendations to improve your health and avoid ever becoming ill.

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