How to Think What Nobody Else Thinks

think, thinkingHow can you think of things that no one else thinks of? By deliberately taking a different approach to the issue from everyone else. The brilliant thinker purposefully challenges dominant ideas in order to think innovatively.

Albert Szent-Gyorgy, who discovered vitamin C, said:

“Genius is seeing what everyone else sees and thinking what no one else has thought.”

Especially now, with the economy like it is, thinking outside the box can help you turn a challenging situation, such as a lay-off, into an opportunity by giving you an easy edge over the competition.

How can you force yourself to take a different view of a situation? Instead of looking at the scene from your view, try looking at it from the perspective of a customer, a product, a supplier, a child, an alien, a lunatic, a comedian, a dictator, an anarchist, an architect, Salvador Dali, or Leonardo da Vinci. Challenge all the common assumptions.

The great geniuses did not take the traditional view and develop existing ideas. They took an entirely different view and transformed society. If you can come at problems from entirely new directions, then you can think of things that conventional thinkers miss.
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