New Technology Allows You to Get Tan From Your Computer Screen

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Well, it’s April Fool’s time again and I wasn’t going to post anything this year but I could not resist this video.  It is likely you watched the video before you read this  - and if you did you might think it is real, but is in fact a giant hoax., was set up two months ago to promote the work of a skin cancer charity, initially promising to ensure sun-hungry Brits  to“look great in the office” by transmitting ultraviolet rays into their homes. But when users click to access a “free five-minute tan trial”, bars from a sun bed appear on the screen with a warning “Don’t be fooled - UV Exposure Can Kill”.

However, this is really a paradoxical hoax in that the site was sincerely set up to warn people about avoiding the sun, when the ultimate irony of course is that sensible sun exposure is one of the healthiest things you can do. It is actually the lack of appropriate UV exposure that is creating pandemic vitamin D deficiency levels, and likely adding to the premature demise of many thousands of people EVERY day. 

Don't be fooled.

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