Help Stamp Out Hunger in Children -- Here's One Way

Well, I’m on the run and it couldn’t be for a better cause. 

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Me and my sister Janet in 1987
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This Saturday, May 16, 2009 you’ll find me -- and my team -- on the streets of Hoffman Estates Running for Hungry Children. This 5K run/3K walk event will raise awareness (and money) to help stamp out hunger and hunger-related diseases affecting children around the world. 

It’s no mystery that the economy is pummeling the US but it is also drastically affecting nearly every country on the globe and seriously impacting hunger in many of them. 

Did you know that, in developing countries across the globe, 6 million children die every year from diseases related to not having enough food to eat? 

One of the novel ways to address the flagging US economy would be to provide help hope and assistance for those less needy than us.  

Fortunately, there are grassroots organizations out there -- like Bright Hope International -- who are willing to take on the cause of alleviating hunger and hunger-related conditions in the world today. 

With over 22 projects in all, Bright Hope International works tirelessly to make sure children in all corners of the world have the things they need to live healthy and productive lives. 

Many Bright Hope projects are focused in rural areas-- places that are forgotten and where other aid organizations won’t even go.

Bright Hope does more than feed the poor - they practice INDEPENDENCE: They want everyone they serve to have hope for their future. This is accomplished by initiating job creation programs so that people can earn a livable wage and begin providing for themselves and their families, changing the future of their community, and future generations.

Donations Have Been Pouring In!

I want to express my deepest gratitude at the outpouring of donations we’ve received so far! Thank you to all who have contributed -- as a result subscriber donations have reached over $3,600!

I’d also like to give special thanks to Nick Ortner from who donated a generous $10,000 to the Run For Hungry Children event!

But there's still room for more! If you’d like to get involved, you can donate to this great cause through Saturday, May 16. Simply visit to make a donation.  

A $30 donation will provide a child with food and education for one month. That’s only about $1.00 a day! You probably spend more than that on a cup of coffee every day. 

If $30 sounds like a bit much for you right now, remember -- every little bit helps. So, any amount you can afford could make all the difference in the world for one small child. 

Come and Meet Me and My Team and Get Your Exercise for the Day 

Winter is nearly over and it is now much easier to run outdoors and get in shape. If you live in the Chicago area and you use running or walking to stay in shape, then this is a marvelous opportunity to motivate yourself to get back in shape. 

You can also meet me and many of my staff who will be participating in this event.  It promises to be a load of fun.  Join me to run or walk to help fight hunger. 

Team Up with Me to Make a Difference Today 

On event day, we’ll have a photographer there documenting the whole thing -- and the photos will be posted right on 

Who knows, you just might make it onto our website for the entire world to see -- you making a huge difference Running for Hungry Children

Sign up today and join me this Saturday, May 16, 2009. Together we can help children all around the world build healthy and happy lives.

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