3 Tips to Improve Memory Quickly

Neuro-Linguistics ProgrammingHaving a good memory has more to do with your strategy than it does with your mental hardware.  The people that have great memories follow a strategic process, based on the technology of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP).

There are an infinite number of ways to learn how to spell.  Most of the average to poor spellers learn phonetically.  That means learning to spell based on the sounds of the letters and words -- an auditory strategy. It turns out that this strategy is not the most effective way to become a great speller; the real trail-blazers learn how to spell visually -- a visual strategy.

If you want to improve your memory, start using a visual strategy.  You can start right away with these 3 tips:

1.    Begin to access your visual cues. Access the visually memorable part of your brain by looking up and to the left.  When you look up and to the left you access your visual memory.  These are the pictures, images and movies that have flashed on your mind from the past.

2.    Another way to use this approach is in conversation. The next time you speak with someone, be sure to play with the visual strategy. When someone is speaking to you, start to create pictures and images in your mind.  Listen to people as if they were telling you a story.  And as they tell you their story, build a motion picture in your mind.  The richer the pictures, the easier it will be to remember.

3.    Practice changing your physiology. Make sure to speak to someone by keeping your head up and shoulders back.  Stand up straight when possible.  This makes it much easier to look up and make pictures.

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