Another Way to Honor Your Mom for Mother's Day

My mom had an unfortunate mishap this year that reminded me again how irreplaceable she is – and how instrumental she has been in where I am today.

She'll be 75 years old this year. During this past year she tripped going up some stairs, then fell all the way back down the flight and broke her arm in three places. If you've ever had a fracture, you know firsthand how extreme the pain is. It's tough watching someone you love suffer that kind of pain. 

Then she had some additional challenges that she only very recently recovered from which I am very grateful for. It is so wonderful to have my mom back and healthy again.

To honor her and all mothers around the world during this special time of year, I will pay for your shipping costs anywhere in the world, on any order over $50.

Qualifying orders* totaling more than $50 can be placed May 7th to May 12th. You will get free shipping anywhere in the world. Yes, that means even if you're reading this in Tanzania or Turkey, your shipping will be free.


But it gets even better!

My staff is telling me this is crazy! But I wanted you to be able to honor your mom with something really special.

You see, when I asked subscribers what they most wanted to give Mom for Mother's Day, many subscribers were hugely in favor of the Mercola Complete Anti-Aging Skin Care Package.  

So in anticipation, I ordered a larger supply than usual, and was able to get a killer of a deal on it. I can assure you that this opportunity is not likely to come your way again…

Because right now, just in time for Mother's Day, you can get the entire set of six items that normally sell for $225, for – drum roll please – just $99.  That's a whopping 56 percent discount. 

Like I said, you will likely never see this kind of offer again. It borders on the "too good to be true". But it's very real, only from – and for a few days only.

So jump on it while you have an opportunity.  (You could even buy an extra set for yourself. At that price, how could you go wrong?)

Skin Care

How better to express your love and appreciation for your mom – or someone who is like a mom to you – than by giving the gift of health and wellness, energy and vitality, added to lovely, younger-looking skin?

What's more… free shipping gives you an economical and eco-friendly opportunity to stock up on all your favorite products.

Oh… and I almost forgot to tell you. I'm going to throw in one last gift for you (or your mom). When you buy your Mercola Complete Anti-Aging Skin Care Package, you will also receive one free Iced Mint and Vanilla Hand Cleanser – a natural, instant hand cleanser perfect for summer road trips and outings where soap and water may be in short supply.

So, express your love to your mom. And pass the word on to your friends, that this is a golden opportunity to give their irreplaceable mom the gift of health and vitality.

Make it a great Mother's Day!

Check out the Mercola Complete Anti-Aging Skin Care Package now. And don't miss my other recommendations too!

* On all orders over $50. Offer excludes Tanning systems shipped outside the US & Canada.

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