Incredible Daredevil Balances on Edge of 1,000-Foot Cliffs

CliffExtreme artist Eskil Ronningsbakken enjoys nothing more than precariously perching on the edge of a cliff top or walking on a tightrope between two hot-air balloons. His most recent endeavor was traveling upside-down on a bicycle 1,000 meters above an icy Norwegian fjord, with just a weight dangling below him for stability.

Eskil sees his balancing acts as expressions of art and not stunts. He is currently working with a group of 50 like-minded performers in Nairobi, Kenya. Eskil says of his precise art:

“A stunt is something you see in movies, often done with mattresses safety lines or nets. What I do is draw a picture with vulnerable human beings and their bodies, in the surrounding of mother earth. That's the balance between life and death, and that is where life is.”

To see even more photos of Eskil’s incredible feats, click on the link below.

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