Learn Lessons From Google About Self-Image

google, self confidence, confidence, self image, imageSelf-perspective is one of the hardest things to understand. There’s nothing more dangerous or helpful to your individual success than high self-image. Love or hate them, Google is an excellent example of masterful self-image.

1. You don’t have to change to fit in. Google knew what they were: a great search engine. Yet instead of tinkering with the latest thing, they got big by continuing to improve their bread-winning product, Google search.

2. Become insanely successful at one thing, and use your confidence to branch out. Once they were the best at what they did, they branched into many other arenas like contextual advertising, feed readers, as well as every other aspect of digital life.

3. Not too fast, now. You can’t rush perfection. It took Google quite a long time before they started looking at other projects. Positive self-image is a lot like that: you don’t have to rush things. You have to believe what you’re doing is worth waiting for.

4. Always act like you know what you’re doing. Google will lead you to believe that they’ve known what they were doing from day one. This is impossible. Believe it or not, they have screwed up before. They have had growing pains. But so does everybody. It’s ok to occasionally act like you know what you’re doing, even if you really don’t.

You can form your self-image in one word: confidence.

Be confident enough not to rush, or sell out, and you can even act like you know what you’re doing (when you really don’t) from time to time. Walk like you know you’re the best thing to hit the block since Google, and you’ll be fine.

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