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Exactly What Is the New Sweetener Erythritol?

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  • VitaminWater, a Coca Cola product, may not actually be “healthy” as its manufacturers claim. It is loaded with sweeteners like crystalline fructose, sucrose, and a sugar alcohol called erythritol
  • The beverage contains 33 grams or more than six teaspoons of crystalline fructose. Refined man-made fructose metabolizes to triglycerides and adipose tissue, not blood glucose, and this impairs your insulin and leptin sensitivity
  • Erythritol, when consumed, provides less calories because it is not completely absorbed in your body. This then causes abdominal gas, diarrhea, and headaches
  • The food and beverage industry spends about $40 billion a year on advertising with the intention of brainwashing you to believe that junk food is good for you. But, no vitamin supplement can compensate for a poor diet
  • Drinking pure water or juicing vegetables are great sources of fluids for your body, while your diet should contain unprocessed, locally grown organic foods

If you look at the ingredients of VitaminWater 10 (owned by Coca Cola), you might be pleased to see that it contains the natural sweetener stevia. However, you will also notice that it is loaded with crystalline fructose, sucrose, and a mysterious product called Erythritol.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol, a sweetener that does not provide as many calories as sugar. But the reason that sugar alcohols provide fewer calories than sugar is because they are not completely absorbed into your body. For this reason, high intakes of foods containing sugar alcohols can lead to abdominal gas and diarrhea.

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