Unexpected Blessings

In June I spoke at the Health Freedom Expo outside of Chicago and had an opportunity to attend a presentation by Dr. Larry Dossey on premonitions.  There I met Roxanne Black, a successful and accomplished woman despite having serious health handicaps.  She had lupus as a child which destroyed her kidneys, and she has had not one but two kidney transplants.

One of my favorite perspectives to live life by is from W. Clement Stone who was one of Napoleon Hill’s most successful students. He died at the age of 100 in Chicago a few years ago, and was a billionaire long before it was as common as it is now. His philosophy was to view life as an inverse paranoid. He believed the entire world was conspiring to make him better.

He viewed any event in his life, especially the challenges, as tremendous opportunities for good.

Although I doubt Roxanne is aware of W. Clement Stone, she is a beautiful illustration of someone who has successfully applied this principle. Roxanne's mission each day for the last twenty years has been to turn her "bad news" diagnosis into something positive.

As she says, "When I might wonder 'Why me?,' I know the answer: 'To help others.'" Unexpected Blessings is an extension of that goal, bringing to life not only her moving personal story but also the lessons of courage she's learned from all the famous, and not-so-famous people she's met over the years.

From an encounter with Christopher Reeve, to her intimate experiences with patients around the globe standing strong in the face of extraordinary challenges, these are stories of heroism and hope. They are also reminders of the healing that comes when we can connect from the heart.

Out of this intense time of suffering grew Friends' Health Connection www.friendshealthconnection.org, which she began when she was only a high school student, shortly after she was diagnosed with Lupus.  She currently serves as the executive director. Her deep felt desire was to share a camaraderie with another teenager with Lupus. Friends' Health Connection evolved from that point, connecting people with various diseases and conditions to each other.

She graduated from Rutgers University, has been appointed the 268th Daily Point of Light by former President George H. W. Bush, received a medal from former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, and was named by USA Today while in college, one of the top eighteen college students in the country.

Unexpected Blessings is her autobiography. In the book, she tells about her suffering, the role of her supportive mother, and the everyday blessings she has received. Overwhelmed with self-misery shortly after her shocking diagnosis, her mother suggested to her, "Maybe you were meant to help others," propelling Roxanne forward into a lifetime of service to those in need of a friend.

Her book has been endorsed by some of the most well respected physicians in the US, such as Mehmet Oz, M.D., Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, M.D., Bernie Siegel, M.D., and Christiane Northrup, M.D.

She says happiness is "savoring our journey in the middle of living it." For her it is recognition that money does not purchase contentment, but instead comes after doing something to help another through volunteering, offering support, or just being available.

By giving beyond herself, Roxanne has discovered not only herself, but has experienced the benefit of understanding others. Roxanne Black's selflessness is an inspiration to all who can and should, and to those who can and do. We need more Roxanne Blacks.

Highly recommended.

If you decide to purchase her book it would be best to purchase it at her site www.roxanneblack.com as all of the profits will go to support her non-profit organization.

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