Truly Unbelievable Animal Rescue You Have to See to Believe


Many of you may not realize that we recently have joined with Dr. Karen Becker to lead an entire new section of our web site, Dr. Becker is one of the leading natural vets internationally and provides natural health principles to treat your pets without drugs or surgery. Every week she provides a video and article to help your pets stay healthy.

Well Dr. Becker has been actively involved in animal rescue groups for many decades. I found this intriguing and asked if I could help so I was given the assignment to help protect the African antelope.

Part of the reason I was given this assignment is that I have been a lifelong runner and was nicknamed the "Gazelle" when I ran in college and medical school.

I finally found a productive outlet for my running skills and I thought you would enjoy a video of one of the recent, more interesting rescues I was involved with.


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