5 Ways to Set Your Goals in Stone

goals, goal setting, organization, time management, tips, productivity, ambitionSetting a goal doesn’t automatically mean getting the result. Sometimes goals are gradually forgotten about and fade away into the back of our minds. After a few weeks or even days, your enthusiasm dies down, and that spark of inspiration becomes a memory.

To achieve goals that take time, you need to stay motivated, and you need to keep the inspiration flowing.
Here are five suggestions on how to do just that.

1. Create a “vision board” or “board of dreams”

Don’t just write a list. Stick up things that remind you of what it is that you want. Photos, gifts, memorabilia, letters, notes, pages from books. Anything that provides you with a reminder of that original inspiration. Once done, put it where you will see it often

2. Photos (everywhere)

Visual stimulation can be much more powerful than words. Get photos of what you want to achieve and stick them everywhere you can. Digital photo frames can allow you to have a slide show of images.

3. Leave notes (everywhere)

As well as the photos, have notes dotted around the place. Write notes that explain the photo you have chosen. The more unavoidable and obvious your goals are, the easier it becomes to remember what you are working for.

4. Your most used applications

What applications do you use most?

The majority of applications that are used everyday will have some way of keeping a note, whether it was meant for that purpose or not.

An iGoogle homepage can display your goals every time you log in. Microsoft Outlook can do the same. Ditto for Firefox and even Windows. Google’s Desktop sidebar lets you save notes so that they’re ready for you when you log in.

5. Tell people (but be selective)

Tell others about your goals. Tell the people that inspire you and will throw encouragement your way. Have a conversation about your goals often, don’t just tell other people and never mention them again. Remind others and talk about their goals as well as yours.

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