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Heroes of the Health Care Revolution

wellness, health care systemAbout seven years ago I realized that it would not be possible for me to catalyze a transformation of the fatally flawed health care system that is prematurely killing hundreds of thousands of people every year and contributing to needless pain and suffering of millions of others.
Ron Paul
If you have been a reader of this newsletter over the past few years you will clearly know that I am a strong supporter of Ron Paul who is a physician congressman from Texas who made a surprising showing in the last presidential primary.

He has sound ideas and a firm grasp of the reasons why our system is fatally flawed. He has done a great job in seeding the consciousness of millions. His organization is definitely on my high priority list to collaboratively work with to help create a solution to the mess we are in now.
Alliance with Other Health Care Leaders
Seven years ago it also became very clear that I needed to align myself with other leaders in the health care profession. The obvious alliance was the chiropractic profession.

The benefits of chiropractic care are far more comprehensive than treating simple back pain. There are tens of thousands of well-trained chiropractors in the U.S., but I sought some of the top leaders and eventually connected with Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Christopher Kent and Dr. Fabrizzio Mancini.

Dr. Mancini has actually become one of my personal heroes and is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. He is the selfless president of Parker Chiropractic College in Texas and is one of the main leaders in the entire profession. I have spoken at his school and several times at the largest event the chiropractic profession holds, which is Parker West in Las Vegas.
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
Drs. Patrick Gentempo and Christopher Kent are also international leaders in transforming the conventional medical paradigm. Dr. Kent has written extremely popular articles for and Dr. Gentempo and I were inducted together into the “Wellness Hall of Fame” at a ceremony in Las Vegas. He has become a close personal friend that I seek to connect with personally several times a year.
They are co-founders of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA), which has provided diagnostic technology, personal development programs, and professional education to several thousand chiropractors throughout the world. 

In my office, our staff chiropractors use CLA’s Insight technology to help assess how lifestyle stress is adversely affecting our patient’s nervous systems and general health. The Insight is an advanced technology that measures a wide array of critical parameters including things like thermal patterns and heart rate variability and provides real time valuable feedback on how a person’s health care program is affecting their health.

For the last two years I have presented at CLA’s annual Chiropractic Leadership Summit and have also appeared multiple times on their monthly On Purpose audio program, which is distributed to thousands of chiropractic practitioners. 

CLA’s clients are big fans of 

I have also attended their incredible Total Solution 4-day intensive training in the mountains of Colorado at 8,000 feet. It was exciting to be with a large group of chiropractors who were fiercely committed to helping their patients through natural methods of healing.

It is clear that in order to accomplish the mission, we have to work with others who share the vision. For me, working with Drs. Gentempo and Kent highlights the virtue of working strategically with likeminded people. 

They have also started a wellness initiative that now has over 300 chiropractic-based Creating Wellness Centers across North America, New Zealand and Europe. These centers have now integrated our Nutritional Typing protocol into their service offerings. 

It is exciting to see such synergies unfold as our work here at translates into the world through expanded channels. 

If you are looking for a chiropractor and would like to find a CLA doctor, click here to search: 
MD Alliance Partnerships
In late February 2009 a U.S. Senate committee on Health Education, Labor and Pensions on Integrative Care: A Pathway to a Healthier Nation met. Some of the most prominent integrative medicine physicians, Drs. Oz, Ornish, Weil and Hyman, were able to testify.

This is nearly a three-hour video and most of you will not have the time to view the entire testimony.

I was really impressed with the passion that all these physicians had for addressing the flaws in the current health care system. They were clearly committed to providing tangible solutions to the government.

However, if you view the testimony and the responses of the senators you will likely quickly reach the conclusion I did -- that the government will NOT solve this health care crisis, for in large part, they are the ones that created it.

So I have started the process of developing a collaboration with all these physicians to explore how we can all work together to accelerate the necessary changes that will be required if we are to rescue the culture from the grasp of forces that are destroying the system.
Your Turn Now
The leaders I mentioned clearly aren’t the only heroes in this revolution. I welcome your nominations by adding them in the comments below. Please take the time to enlighten all of us as to who you believe are the leaders.

I will seriously consider each of your recommendations as I begin to structure the logistical initiatives to transform this current health care system.