Wild, Crazy Media Shift Opens New Vistas for Health Freedom

Here, Clay Shirkey discusses the transformed media landscape, and what it means to anybody who has a message they want to get out, to anywhere in the world.

Media has become increasingly “social” and we’re increasingly realizing that we’re all in this together. The generation we’re now in, has the largest expressive capability in human history.

There have only been four periods in the last 500 years where media changed enough that could be considered truly revolutionary:

  1. The printing press, which made mass printing possible
  2. Real-time, two-way communication: first the telegraph, then the telephone
  3. Recorded media, other than print: first photos, followed by recorded sound and movies
  4. Radio and television

However, the media that was good at creating conversations was not good at creating groups, and the media that was good at creating social groups was not good at creating conversations…

That has all changed and those limitations no longer exist.

The Internet is the first media in history that has native support for groups and conversation at the same time.

The second major change is that as all media gets digitized, the Internet also becomes the mode of carriage for ALL other media.

The third major change is that former members of the audience can now also be producers, and not just consumers.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

This is a profoundly powerful video that documents the enormous change that has occurred in the last few years. Unless you are a tech geek, it is highly unlikely you have recognized these crucial shifts. Clay Shirkey does an absolutely outstanding job of explaining how media has become global, local, ubiquitous, and inexpensive.

As recently as the last decade, the majority of the media produced was by professionals. Those days are now over, never to return.

Why is this GOOD For You?

This could very well spell the beginning of the end of the current social structure as we know it. Most major newspapers are on their way out. The Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Time, Boston Globe -- all bankrupt or gone.

Former consumers of media, like you, are now producers, and can rapidly share the message of TRUTH to your friends and networks. It is becoming more and more IMPOSSIBLE to hide the truth with the development of these social networks.

What Can You Do?

There are two major social network players: Facebook and Twitter, and I would encourage you to join BOTH. But the MOST important one to join, if you are interested in health freedom, is our new social network.

It has taken us over five years to build it, and once you join you will easily be able to connect to other likeminded individuals for support and insights about YOUR specific problems and challenges.

Folks, most people do not yet realize it, but we are at the beginning of a major revolution that has the potential to virtually eliminate hundreds of thousands of premature deaths, and help the millions that are needlessly suffering because they were deceived by the old traditional media.

So don’t wait. Sign up for the Mercola Social Network now! It’s absolutely free.

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