High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Information Sheet

Scientific Background

This kind of field comes from radio, TV, police, fire, military communications, microwave, radar, and cellular phones. The energy level is billions of times stronger than the natural high frequency energies from the cosmos that existed during our biological development. Today, these energies are pervasive and can be measured everywhere on the earth. The wireless age is increasing the density of such energies at an unprecedented rate.

Research shows cataracts, blood composition changes, hormone alterations, and chromosomal abnormalities are induced at high frequency energies. The power levels involved were one hundredth of the standard now set by the US government. An Air Force study on rats in the early 80's showed stress induced reduction in immune system response and cancers of the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands at a low (0.5pW/cm2) energy level.1

Research on close to the head pulsed digital wireless communications signals show them to increase non-malignant tumors of the auditory nerve, increase brain cancer, cause chromosomal damage and DNA breaks in brain tissue.2

The higher the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation, the more the electric and magnetic field components meld together. At these frequencies it becomes almost impossible to measure those fields as separate entities. We speak of electromagnetic waves or radio frequency radiation (RF).

Problems are these are often high exposure with a short distance (within 8 inches) to humans, such as with cell phones. When a signal is being transmitted between your phone and the tower, the signal strength requirement is dependent upon the distance and obstructions between the two. If more power is needed than the tower can provide for the "link," the cell phone power will increase to meet the requirements. Thus, the further you are away from the tower, the more power your phone will produce, and the more radiation will be transmitted into your head. However, be aware that all times your phone has RF output, it is just a matter of how much and how near it is to your head. It is known that 20-80% of the cell phone radiation is deposited into the head of the user, and that multiple individuals have reported ill effects from using cell phones.

Reference: http://microwavenews.com/


Primary household sources are: Short range wireless 25-300m (bluetooth, wireless internet, home automation) and 2.4 and 5GHz bands (portable and cell phones), as well as radiolTV towers.

Fixing the Problem

Some general recommendations for avoidance are:

  • Avoid living near broadcast and cell towers
  • Stand clear of the front of your operating microwave oven Minimize cell phone usage - Use air-flow hands-free device
  • Eliminate cordless phones that constantly transmit - use 900MHz analog phones
  • Eliminate wireless connections - home automation, baby monitors (especially at night)


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