4 Steps to Reduce Electrosmog in Your Bedroom

Periodically during the past few decades a story about the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or electricity has made a small splash in the public media. These stores are quickly discounted as being untrue or hypochondriac in nature. And yet, these stories and case studies continue to emerge As reported in one publication, "In one pooled study that combined nine well-conducted studies from several countries, including a study from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a twofold excess risk of childhood leukemia was associated with exposure to magnetic fields above 0.4 µT. In another pooled study that combined 15 studies, a similar increased risk was seen above 0.3 µT."i

In yet another study, "A questionnaire survey of 2,072 people in California found that the prevalence of ES [electro¬sensitive] within the sample group was 3.24% with ES being defined as "Being allergic or very sensitive to getting near electrical appliances, computers, or power lines" (Levallois 2002, response rate 58.3%). A similar questionnaire survey from the same year in Stockholm County (Sweden), found a 15% prevalence of ES amongst the sample group, with ES being defined as "Hypersensitivity or allergy to electric or magnetic fields" (Hillert 2002, response rate 73%)."ii

In addition, there is now a plethora of products that are making claims of "protection," "shielding," or "reduction" of exposure to EMF. There is no magic pill or product that can protect us, and though it is true that some of the products are effective, none of them address all of the issues. And in fact, if misused, they can exacerbate the situation. 

The general public is often overwhelmed with the technical terms and the complexity, so the tendency has been to simply ignore the issue Though the majority of the general public believes there is some risk in using a cell phone, people continue to use it because it is convenient. Just as people know that "fast food" is not healthy, the convenience trumps the risk. What the general public does now know is that the largest risk to EMF may not be the cell phone (though it is bad there as well), but within their bedroom. At night our bodies recuperate from the daily onslaught of stress, our cells and organs detoxify and replace themselves. If this process is interrupted because our cell membranes are in constant stress, then healthy cells can be damaged iii, iv, while unhealthy cells (infections, mutations, neural disorders)v,vi can proliferate. For example, several individuals link Lyme disease to electromagnetic exposure as follows:


"Nodular, discoid morphoea-like, and widespread cutaneous fibroses in chronic Borrelia infection may be provoked by trauma, surgery or electromagnetic radiation."vii


"Just as Lyme Disease sufferers using rife technology experience herx reactions following treatment sessions, it is feasible that people with EMF [electromagnetic fielci] sensitivity are experiencing the effects of electromagnetic fields on undiagnosed infections in their body "viii 

"Based on the growing consensus that Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed and is spreading rapidly, it seems possible that EMF [electromagnetic field] sensitivity may in fact be due to undiagnosed Lyme Disease or similar infection. According to one author, the problem of EMF sensitivity has grown to epidemic proportions. Further evidence supporting this hypothesis is that many people who suffer from EMF sensitivity have lots of other health problems that suggest infection."ix

Research has established that our bodies communicate first bio-electrically and then bio-chemicallyx

In nature there are many electromagnetic fields that have no adverse effect on our bodies, That is because natural fields are either temporally constant (same frequency) or spatially constant (same shape), but not both. On the other hand, manmade signals by necessity for communication are both temporally and spatially constant. According to Dr. Carlo, with prolonged exposure, these constant signals can cause the protein vibratory receptors located on our cell membranes to go into resonancexi

Once in resonance, the cell must determine whether the "signal" is a biological communication or a foreign invader. If the latter, as is the case with all man made signals, then the cell will react by going into sympathetic lock in order to protect the cell from this perceived invasion. Sympathetic lock prevents the cell from taking in nutrition and releasing toxins.

This cell membrane reaction triggers a cascade of events that can then manifest itself in a variety of symptoms and diseases starting with compromising the immune system. According to Dr. Becker, "it is well-established that exposure to any abnormal electromagnetic field produces a stress response. If the exposure is prolonged, the stress-response system becomes exhausted, and the competency of the immune system declines to below normal. In such a state, animals and humans are more susceptible to cancer and infectious diseases."xii

Note that though the discussion here is about healthy cells, other cells within our bodies, such as viruses and bacteria, will also respond as if under attack and proliferate in order to survive.

So how does one protect themselves and their family? The answer is by Creating Sleeping Sanctuaries Read on to find the steps to take to identify and remove as much of this "electrosmog" from their bedroom as possible. In a recent article in the Townsend Letter, the "Guided Digital Medicine Management of Lyme Disease consists of four main components:" of which "Component #4 addresses blocks and potential blocks to the treatment: diet, reduction of electromagnetic pollution, emotional stress, etc."xiii

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Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary - Limiting the Electrosmog 

The ultimate goal is to expose the body to as natural a background as possible. Unfortunately, in most living environments this will require some type of protection as the external environment is also polluted. However, we find by far that the indoor pollution (that within your control) is quite often much higher than the external environment.

Step 1: Magnetic fields 

Magnetic therapy has been established as a well-known treatment, especially for those with inflammation; however, chronic exposure nightly can cause problems. Magnetic fields have a direct impact to the intercellular gap junction communication.xiv

Magnetic fields are caused whenever there is an unbalanced flow of current. They cannot easily be shielded and will penetrate through walls, floors and ceilings. Thus, the best advice is to first determine if you have them and then distance yourself from them.


  • Digital clocks with displays (move at least 6ft from bed) 
  • Appliances (refrigerators, TVs, stereos, air conditioning units) - should not be within 6ft of sleeping area - this includes the adjacent room or room above or below) 
  • Breaker/Fuse boxes - should not be within 6ft of sleeping area - this includes an adjacent room 
  • Wiring errors - this requires you to investigate with a Gaussmeter. You can buy an inexpensive Gaussmeter and then survey your sleeping area. Levels above 1 mG are considered too highxv

Step 2: Electric fields 

Electric fields are present whenever there is something nearby that is energized or "hot." Electric fields have a beginning and an end, and therefore, there are ways to shield from these. Because of the orthogonal magnetic field component of electric fields, it is suspected that the biological interaction of electric fields also occurs at the intercellular gap junctionxvi One of the critical elements of exposure to electric fields is the reduction of melatonin.xvii

The biological effects of such have been attributed to neurological and malignant growth effects within the bodyxviii


  • Wiring in the walls and wall outlets that are within 6ft of the bed - turn these off at night by flipping the circuit breaker, or install a demand switch that leaves them off unless needed 
  • Electrical appliances, such as lamps, extension cords, alarm clocks or radios - do not use these at night, if you need something near your bed, use a battery-powered device 

Step 3: Radio frequency fields 

This category includes everything that is used for wireless communications, from radios, to TV's, to cell phones, to wireless internets. Human bodies are not designed to live within a world with elevated radio frequency signals; yet we have created such an environment. Long-term exposure to low levels of RF can cause sympathetic lock of cell membranes and tile consequential cascade of cellular dysfunction.xix


  • Turn OFF all wireless devices at night. If you need something at night, don't use devices that are wireless. 
  • Examples of wireless devices that are often found in bedrooms, that should not be present - cordless telephones, RF baby monitors, and wireless speakers. Of these, the cordless phone base appears to have the worst biological impact as many of them transmit a signal 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Avoid any wireless device that is digital. There are baby monitors available that are not digital. 
  • Protection from external RF sources can best be done by erecting a canopy made from RF reflective material over the bed. Films and fabric on windows may also be effective, but quite often the signal is also penetrating through the walls, floors or ceilings. 

Step 4: Static Magnetic fields 

Metal bedsprings often have residual magnetism, either from when mined or due to repetitive compression over time Though magnetic therapy can be beneficial, constant exposure to magnetic field anomalies can reduce the production of red blood cells and disturb the REM sleep.xx And as with electric fields, static fields can also reduce melatoninxxi 


  • Replace any bed where a liquid-filled compass slid slowly over the bed has a needle deflection 
  • Note that cribs with metal are especially susceptible to this 


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