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How We Can Lead Others in the Health Care Revolution

Seth Godin believes that the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past -- tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big changes.

He urges everyone to do so. So do I.

If you're reading this newsletter you're already part of a tribe, and I believe it's safe to say you're interested in preserving and improving your health, and the health of your family. Today, I'm offering you more than just information. I'm giving you the opportunity to actually change the system.

You may have known that for a long time our mission has been to facilitate and catalyze a complete transformation of this fatally flawed healthcare system that is prematurely killing hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone, every year, and causing needless pain and suffering for millions of others.

The challenge, of course, is, "How are we going to address this problem?"

There are a lot of things we want to change, but in order to succeed, we decided to target the areas where we could be most successful. We came up with a strategy that is really modeled after how the shift occurred in the tobacco industry. After decades of mass fraud and deception, the truth about the dangers of smoking finally won and became common knowledge.

Now you have the freedom to choose whether to smoke or not, but at least you have the knowledge regarding the risks associated, and can make an educated choice. And that is our goal here as well -- to shatter the deceptions disseminated by multinational companies that simply are lying about what's healthy and what's not.

Let's face it... In the U.S. alone, there's over $4 billion spent on direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising. In addition to that, Big Pharma spends another $16 billion to, essentially, brainwash physicians through drug reps and special gifts and bonuses.

This means, about $20 billion a year is spent on disseminating misinformation!

We want to counter this dangerous propaganda by increasing awareness about appropriate drug use, and we'll do this by specifically targeting three types of drugs:

  1. Statins (cholesterol-lowering medications)
  2. Hypoglycemic drugs (diabetic medications)
  3. Antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs

Other areas we want to focus attention on is the elimination of toxins in your environment -- toxins like fluoride and mercury rank high on that list. This is the 21st Century, and we simply must get people up to speed on these poisons so we can begin eliminating them. This requires educating everyone we know and raising awareness.

Another area we want to target is the appropriate use of vaccines. In order to tackle these and other concerns, we're partnering with other highly experienced organizations, such as the National Vaccine Information Center,, in the case of vaccine-safety. 

What can you do?

You can help us identify the groups that are passionate and committed about these issues. To do this, we've constructed a form that you can fill out. This will help us identify the key players and develop a comprehensive, strategic campaign for each of these key issues.

There's simply no way for any one person, web site, group or organization to accomplish this feat on their own. But by forming strategic alliances, and working together as a team, I believe we can develop a strategy that will allow us to spread the truth, and change the health care industry much like the tobacco industry was changed.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

In this TED video, Seth Godin discusses a very important point: that we have now reached a turning point for how ideas are created, spread and implemented.

It’s no longer business as usual.

The Way Things Used to Be

First there was the “Factory Idea” – the idea that you could change the world if only you had an efficient enough factory that could churn out change, be it a product or an idea. In order to succeed, all you needed was ever larger factories, and ever cheaper labor to run it. Eventually, that strategy simply couldn’t function anymore.

Then came the “TV Idea,” which says that if you have a big enough mouthpiece, you can win. It’s the strategy of mass marketing average ideas using loads of ads. You essentially hypnotize people into buying whatever it is you’re selling, be it an idea, a product, or getting yourself voted into office.

Now we’re in a new model of leadership that emphasizes TRIBES.

Do You Know How to Create Change?

The way change is created today is not by using money or power to lever a system, but by leading people; creating a tribe; creating a movement by connecting people and ideas.

Thanks to the Internet, tribes are now everywhere, connecting people with similar interests all across the globe.

Even people on the fringes can find each other and connect.

Today, it is tribes of likeminded people, not mass marketing, that align large numbers of people that incite change in our world.

And, it’s extremely efficient and effective, because you don’t have to force anyone. People seek you out and join your tribe because they WANT to; they want to connect with others of like mind, and these tribes create movements that incite change.

We are Creating Change Right Now!

There is no need to look any further than this web site to see the truth in that. We now have over 1.5 million subscribers to this newsletter, and there is no doubt that it’s having a significant impact; that we are indeed, little by little, changing the status quo of the conventional medical paradigm.

Aside from the larger issues relating to conventional medicine as a whole, we, as a community, are also helping to quickly spread the truth in times when speed is as important as the spreading of the truth itself. Such was the case when we responded to the mass fear mongering and increasing panic over the swine flu.

My first swine flu alert was the most popular article I’ve ever published; it even set new records for bandwidth at the data center (one of the largest in the country) that hosts this site, and was the 7th most viewed article on the entire Internet on April 29th.

It quickly received well over one million views and has been reposted on countless other sites across the web. There’s no doubt it was a major contributor to the effective squashing of the unfounded fear mongering presented in the media.

And, I sincerely hope that the vital information we have published, and will continue to publish, on the dangers of the upcoming swine flu vaccine will have the same effect, and spare countless lives from needless suffering.

That has always been my goal: to spare people from needless suffering. I do not disrupt the status quo of the pharmaceutical industry for any other reason than for the fact that it is making money off your extended suffering, not by making you healthier.

The drug paradigm, which says, “Take this pill and all will be better,” is a LIE.

It was never the way, and will never be the way to health. Instead, if you buy into this lie, you will suffer needlessly, and most likely die prematurely.

As a community, you and I are breaking the status quo of the drug industry, and of the conventional medical field that has been gagged and locked inside this flawed paradigm.

By telling our stories, I - through this newsletter, and you - by joining Facebook, Twitter and our social network, contributing your own wisdom and experience, you can create what I believe is an unstoppable movement that will eventually change the entire medical system into one that focuses on health rather than combating illness with treatments that do more harm than good.

Together we are building a new culture that is based on health truth, and raising such basic ideas as proper nutrition out of its quackery status to the place where it belongs – as a basic building block for optimal health, and as a side effect, a disease-free life.

I have been committed to this cause for more than two decades. Are you with me?

Are you ready for a change?

The Power of Social Networks

As discussed in this previous article, the media landscape itself has changed dramatically, which supports this new form of leadership.

Media has become increasingly “social” and we’re starting to realize we’re all in this together. The generation we’re now in, has the largest expressive capability in human history. Think about that!

The Internet is the first media in history that has native support for groups and conversation at the same time. And, YOU are no longer a mere member of the audience. You are now also a producer of valuable information, which is exactly how the Mercola Social Network is set up to operate.

Share Your Knowledge, Increase the Leverage of the Entire Community

There are two major social network players: Facebook and Twitter, and I would encourage you to join BOTH. You can visit my personal Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter.

However, if for some reason you’re not into either of those, I urge you to join our social network if you value your health freedom.

It took us over five years to build it but it’s finally done, and once you join you can easily connect with other likeminded individuals for support and insights about YOUR specific problems and challenges.

The goal is to quickly reach the tipping point where we change the fatally flawed current system that is literally killing hundreds of thousands of people prematurely every year in the U.S. alone. To do that, we need to change the very consciousness of the culture. I have no doubt it will happen.

So don’t wait. Sign up for the Mercola Social Network now! It won’t cost you a dime, but it could save you far more than a few bucks.