Use Quantum Physics to Send ‘Messages’ to Your Body to Get Well

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Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., developer of Matrix Energetics (ME), a powerful new paradigm you can harness to transform your life, explains the principles of matrix energetics, and how it can be used to maximize and optimize the therapeutic options available to you. Your right brain can give you information that is normally blocked by your conscious attention.

Matrix Energetics utilizes the principles and science of Subtle Energy, Quantum Physics, active imagination, and focused intent to produce positive shifts that often defy rational explanation.

Dr. Bartlett is both a chiropractor and a naturopath who graduated from Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in 1996.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Dr. Bartlett is the author of the award-winning book Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Personal Transformation and is one of the primary innovators in the very fascinating area of energy medicine.

My first foray into energy medicine was with one of my most important mentors in complementary medicine, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who believes you have both a physical body and an energy body, which surrounds your physical body and where the forces of physics play out. Your energy body helps regulate your physical body.

From there, the most profound form of energy medicine that I’ve come across is the Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT), a form of energy psychology that allows you to optimize your emotional health, often quite rapidly.

I’ve been using and recommending MTT for over eight years, and really hadn’t encountered very many significant advances beyond this tool … until I came across Dr. Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics.

Consciousness Technology to Help Transform Your Life

Dr. Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics is a form of “consciousness technology” that involves your right brain and the field of your heart. Your right brain is capable of processing 11 billion bits of information per second, while your conscious left brain processes about 15 bytes of information per second.

Your right brain can actually access information that is normally blocked by your conscious attention, if you allow that information to come through and pay attention to it. So, as Dr. Bartlett is fond of saying, “notice what you notice,” without any rules or preconceived notions about what it might mean.

He says:

“See, in quantum physics, the act of observing changes what you’re observing. If you go all the way down from body to body of information, which means you skip from body systems, circulation and neurological etcetera, you go into the organ, say your lungs, your heart, etcetera.

You go from there into the specialized cells. Specialized cells are made of specialized organic molecules. You go all the way to the molecule and the atom doesn’t exist. Because the atom was made up in like 400 AD by Lucretius and Democrates, I believe those two guys.

What they did is they modeled the smallest particle that could be understood on the principle of the Solar System. Then, when they did the Manhattan Project in the, I guess it was 40’s, they had to discard that model because they found out it wasn’t true.

So our basic premise at the very basic fundamental building block of reality isn’t real.

Once you start there and then you go into virtual particles, which I virtually do not believe exist, you go all the way down to photons and phonons, light and information, sound and information, its all just information fields, activity at a distance and thought or consciousness.”

This concept provides an enormous opportunity for healing events to occur by way of energy medicine.

Practical Tips to Help You Access Your Subconscious Abilities

During our interview, Dr. Bartlett shared a world of wisdom with the following paragraph:

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you what to do when your heart tells you differently, and pay attention to what shows up in the next moment and realize every moment is full of grace, miracles, majesty and possibility.”

I encourage everyone reading this to print out that passage, put it someplace prominent, and read it several times a day. As you begin to deconstruct the rules of society and life in general, you’ll begin to become open to the powers of your subconscious, or what some may call your “instincts.”

Learn to hear your instincts, listen to them well, and ultimately harness this energy to maximize and optimize the healing therapeutic options and life experiences available to you.

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