The Art of Attention

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Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., developer of Matrix Energetics (ME), a powerful new paradigm you can harness to transform your life, explains that your mind is far more capable of perception than you think. Once you reduce everything down to light and information, and you realize that at the quantum level, the act of observing entangles the observer with the observed object, you can start to actually change the way those particles manifest.

ME utilizes the principles and science of Subtle Energy, Quantum Physics, active imagination, and focused intent to produce positive shifts that often defy rational explanation.

Dr. Bartlett is both a chiropractor and a naturopath who graduated from Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in 1996. Dr. Bartlett is the author of the award-winning book Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Personal Transformation.

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Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Dr. Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics is a form of “consciousness technology” that involves your right brain and the field of your heart. Your right brain is capable of processing 11 billion bits of information per second, while your conscious left brain processes about 15 bytes of information per second.

Your right brain can actually access information that is normally blocked by your conscious attention, if you allow that information to come through and pay attention to it. So, as Dr. Bartlett is fond of saying, “notice what you notice,” without any rules or preconceived notions about what it might mean.

This concept is alluded to in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? There’s a segment when a Native American tribe is unable to see the first ships approaching the land because it isn’t something that has ever been in their experience before.

This is true, too, for every one of us.

Think about how different YOUR perceptions of the world are from your neighbor’s, your mother’s, or your child’s. And they are different because each of us has experienced different things along our journeys. Someone who spends their free time watching television will, for example, have a greatly different worldview than someone who spends theirs out in nature, absorbing different cultures, or who has never seen a television in their lifetime.

But Dr. Bartlett takes this concept a step further and suggests you can change your reality just by paying attention.

Are You Paying Attention?

The term Matrix Energetics comes from psychoenergetics, which is a whole system of study in the Soviet Union where they take quantum physics principles and other principles -- torsion field, etc. -- and apply it to paranormal functioning for scientific study and military application.

Matrix, comes partly from the movie, according to Dr. Bartlett, but also refers to a universal matrix that can be tapped into where all the records -- events, pictures, history -- can be accessed if you have the address.

And according to Dr. Bartlett, every one of us has the address, but it takes a sort of deconstructing of the rules of society in order to be able to tap into it.

Dr. Bartlett explains:

“It’s not really a technique but more of a consciousness technology. If you slept through my seminar, if you were on the floor and slept through the seminar, I’m pretty sure, you would come out of that seminar being able to do the things I teach.

And I don’t think that would be true of most techniques because there are steps involved with techniques and what we try to do is deconstruct the rules in such a way that we make a new rule set that says there aren’t any.”

So how do you begin to expand your mind to be open to this whole new universal matrix?

Dr. Bartlett recommends starting by noticing a sound in your environment, such as an air conditioner or heater humming, or lights buzzing. Once you’ve noticed that, then turn to the sound of your own heart beating.

From there, put your mind in your big toe. And then move your mind into the carpet or floor under your toe. Then notice what the carpet or floor feels like with you inside it. Dr. Bartlett continues:

“That’s how you begin. You go to a place that your conscious mind says, “You’re just being feely.” Then, you track that in such a way that you make up rules that say, “I don’t care what happens the next moment. I’m going to assume that whatever shows up is useful, beneficial and is exactly what I need.”

By preselecting that set of rules, you have preselected paying attention to things that are not normally apparent with the sensory-based fixed rules of how we encode our physical reality, or you start to move into altered states of consciousness, wherein lie the key for all healing.”

Using Quantum Physics for Healing

You can actually harness this concept and use it to maximize healing and therapeutic options available for your health. This doesn’t mean ignoring the concepts you already know about how to stay well, but rather using your newfound consciousness technology to give your health habits a boost.

For instance, you may put your focus on an apple you’re eating and imagine the nutrients being absorbed by your body’s cells. By doing this, the very act of observing is capable of changing what you’re observing. Dr. Bartlett goes on to say:

“In quantum physics, the act of observing changes what you’re observing. If you go all the way down from body to body of information, which means you skip from body systems, circulation and neurological etc., you go into the organ, say your lungs, your heart, etc. You go from there into the specialized cells. Specialized cells are made of specialized organic molecules.

You go all the way to the molecule and the atom doesn’t exist. Because the atom was made up in like 400 AD by Lucretius and Democrates, I believe those two guys.

What they did is they modeled the smallest particle that could be understood on the principle of the Solar System. Then, when they did the Manhattan Project in the, I guess it was ‘40s, they had to discard that model because they found out it wasn’t true.

So our basic premise at the very basic fundamental building block of reality isn’t real. Once you start there and then you go into virtual particles, which I virtually do not believe exist, you go all the way down to photons and phonons, light and information, sound and information, its all just information fields, activity at a distance and thought or consciousness.

It kind of levels the playing field, don’t you think?”

How to Tap Into Your Own Matrix Energy

If you’re wondering what practical disciplines or exercises you can do to continue to improve and expand your awareness to notice situations and possibilities where you can “eliminate the rules” and notice information you didn’t see before, I asked Dr. Bartlett the same question. His first response?

“Read comic books, watch superhero movies, and read quantum physics, upside down and backwards.”

He then shared a world of wisdom with the following paragraph:

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you what to do when your heart tells you differently, and pay attention to what shows up in the next moment and realize every moment is full of grace, miracles, majesty and possibility.”

I encourage everyone reading this to print out that passage, put it someplace prominent, and read it several times a day. As you begin to deconstruct the rules of society and life in general, you’ll begin to become open to the powers of your subconscious, or what some may call your “instincts.”

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