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How Trillions of Dollars Were Stolen From U.S. Taxpayers

An offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the U.S. economy -- by design. Could it be that a worldwide regime, controlled by an unelected corporate elite, is implementing a system that will dominate all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery?

Watch the Fall of the Republic, and decide for yourself.

The second video is a recent 60 Minutes story, detailing how government run Medicare loses $60 billion of your tax dollars to fraud, every year.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

The Fall of the Republic, another critical-eye documentary by Alex Jones, offers a sobering glimpse behind the curtain of American politics and the international banking system.

It is a shocking expose of how the US got into the mess we’re now in, and just how dire our situation may yet become if we don’t act swiftly and decisively to do the right thing for our nation.

I particularly enjoyed the former secretary of the treasury, Henry Paulson’s, testimony before Congress. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone more blatantly lying about something he was trying to cover up, using flimsy excuse after flimsy excuse to justify his behavior. Absolutely despicable behavior...

But the US financial system is not the only thing that needs to be carefully reviewed and overhauled.

Why Does a Health Site Comment on the Economy?

You might wonder why I am posting this information on a health site. Well some people simply fail to appreciate the obvious, so let me spell it out for those who believe it to be inappropriate for me to review this material.

Emotions are, without question, the single largest contributor to your health. One out of four people in the US are out of work and the financial future of many seems very bleak. Heck, 15 percent of the US population doesn’t even have enough money to buy enough processed (unhealthy) food to keep them out of hunger. This creates strong negative emotions in most that will inevitably deteriorate their health.

That is the obvious connection, but additionally many will not have the funds to purchase high quality foods, or pay for the invariable medical expenses that they encounter if they don’t.

It is also obvious that accidents happen. And when they do they can generate large medical bills, which are the number one reason for having to declare bankruptcy in the US.

So there are many ways in which political happenings can be related to health.

Health Care Reform

Additionally, we’re currently in the middle of heated debates about health care reform, which may end up making or breaking more than the health of American citizens. It will have enormous ramifications for the future of the US economy.

One of the major reasons for the support of a government run health care plan is due to the belief that government run programs, like Medicare, have lower administrative costs than private plans.

However, as Robert Samuelson with the Washington Post has noted, that is simply not true. On a per person basis, Medicare actually has higher administrative costs than the private sector.

More importantly, the private sector does a much better job rooting out fraud and waste than the government does. As a potent example, watch the 60 Minutes story (second video above), which details how Medicare fraud costs US taxpayers a staggering $60 billion a year!

For more examples, just use the search word “medicare” to search my site, and you’ll find a number of articles written throughout the years, highlighting the problem of widespread Medicare fraud.

Back in 2007, I posted a video of the US Comptroller General, who warned that funding shortfalls for the Medicare program were five times worse than Social Security, and that it would take $8 trillion to pay for what is promised to beneficiaries, of which we had, and still have, ZERO!

When Medicare was introduced by President Johnson in 1965, it was a classic example of the devastating complications that can result from well-intentioned government intervention in our health care system. Now, more than 40 years later, it has become clear that Medicare is a prescription for financial disaster.

What makes anyone think that adding more government run health care plans will change this situation for the better?

YOU Are the Solution

The majority of the American public is clueless when it comes to health. They have been effectively manipulated and deceived by the brilliant marketing scams of drug companies.

Offering government run health care programs that do absolutely nothing to change the current medical paradigm, by focusing solely on trying to figure out how to continue paying for unnecessary drugs and surgical procedures is not the answer.

It is time to stand up, and not only voice your own opinions to your elected representatives, but also take control of your own health.

Take Control of Your Health

Start engaging in behaviors that allow you to become independently healthy so you don't have to rely on whatever drug-company solutions may be offered.

If you can lead by example you can be a pillar of light out of this darkness we have progressed into.

All we need to do is convince 10 percent of the population, and this system will crumble.

You can start by following the principles I have outlined in my comprehensive nutrition program. This comprehensive program is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections so you can step in wherever your current health level commitment is.

You can then engage in a comprehensive exercise program, which will further move you towards health and keep you protected from illness.

It is important to remember that no synthetic drug or chemical will ever address the underlying cause of your illness. By adopting healthy lifestyle changes you will be able to build resistance to just about every disease that might cause physical harm.