10 Small Ways to Make the World a Better Place

charity, goodwillHere are ten little gestures, all of them easily within your grasp, that can spread goodwill in your own community, and increase your sense of mindfulness about the people around you and your relationship to them.

  1. Tip generously: Leaving as large a tip as you can afford not only puts a little extra money in your servers’ pocket, it tells them that they’re appreciated.

  2. Compliment someone: Be honest and sincere. Don’t expect anything in return.

  3. Be totally open with someone: Let someone know exactly how you feel about something; letting someone into your confidence can be a great way to show your trust and appreciation of them.

  4. Give someone a book you’ve read: Making a gift of something you’ve read and enjoyed is more than just a nice gesture, it’s a way of showing someone that you think of them, you understand them, and you want to share something with them.

  5. Make something for someone: Give without expectations -- whether they return the favor or not, whether they like it or not, whether they’re nice to you or not, these are all irrelevant.

  6. Send a letter, email, tweet, or text message out of the blue: Maybe they’ll respond, maybe not -- it’s beside the point. They just need to know that they’re important to you.

  7. Commend an employee to their manager: It’s one thing to tip or compliment someone for their service, it’s another to contact their manager and tell them what a great job they’ve done.

  8. Teach someone how to do something: Share your skill or talent with someone. Have patience and respect; you’re giving them a gift, not compensating for some lack in their character.

  9. Let someone shine: Put a spotlight on someone else’s talents by letting them take over a presentation, deferring to their wisdom, or asking their advice.

  10. Connect like minds: Introduce two friends or colleagues who you feel have something to gain from each other.

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