Develop Your Greatest Skill -- Language

dictionary, languageStudies have shown that there is a strong correlation between people’s abilities with words and range of vocabulary and success in their chosen fields.

Most people depend on language for all sorts of tasks, but rarely take time to sharpen it.

Here are some ways you can do just that.

Get a good dictionary and thesaurus

Two of the most loyal companions on your desk should be a dictionary and a thesaurus. Use the dictionary to learn the meanings and derivations of new words you encounter.

The thesaurus is very helpful whenever you are writing and need an alternative to a word in order to avoid repetition or to achieve a variation in meaning.


Reading the works of really good writers is one of the best ways to develop your abilities with words.

Capture new words

Whenever you bump into new words you should turn to the dictionary and spend a moment learning the meaning and derivation of the word.

Write, rewrite and edit

A good way to improve your writing is to read over what you have written and ask yourself these questions:

1. Does what I have written express exactly what I mean?

2. Will it be clear and comprehensible to the reader?

3. Can I make it more concise or more accurate?

Play with Words

Adopt a playful attitude toward words and treat them as friends. Word games will increase your verbal dexterity and intelligence rating.

Listen to Yourself

In just the same way that you critically review your draft writing in order to sharpen it you should try to do the same with your speech. If it is possible try to view some video clips of yourself speaking. This is particularly useful if you are rehearsing for an important talk or presentation.

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