Your Voice Is Needed to Help Protect Natural Health Choice


Many of you are aware of a recent battle between a little known group of skeptics who have been criticizing me and others in the field of natural health. This all started as a contest on Twitter, better known as the Twitter Oscars. 

This is nothing new..

I am accustomed to this type of opposition and have been ridiculed for many years. As a conventionally trained physician, I treated many patients with the typical types of drugs and procedures that were intended to help them get better.

I Was Brainwashed by the Conventional Medical System

Unfortunately, I saw time and time again – more side effects and more prescribed medication compounding the problems. As a physician I took an oath to do no harm which pushed me to find real solutions that would not hurt patients.

It did not take long for me to realize the importance of prevention and the miraculous healing power that we are all gifted with.

A holistic approach takes into account the long term picture of any medical treatment, versus our small minded conventional model typically using very biased short term medical studies funded by the same companies that will profit selling them.

Drug Companies Endlessly Seek to Brainwash You

When the Chicago Bulls finished their sixth world basketball championships in the mid 90s I stopped watching most TV. About that time, the drug companies manipulated the legal system to allow them to advertise prescription drugs on TV.

The US is now only one of two countries in the world where this is legal. Drug companies are taking full advantage of the legal loophole they created, and they spend over $4 billion dollars a year on direct to consumer advertising for drugs.

It is shocking to see these companies pitching their pills to solve any and every health problem you may have – followed by the multitude of side effects they will cause. But don’t worry, there is always another drug for those side effects as well.

Outrageous Examples of Nonsense Drug Model

I’m reminded of a recent drug that even says most psychological drugs are not effective, but if you compound your antidepressant medication – adding this new drug to the mix, maybe you’ll feel better (listen to the last full minute of side effects, which includes death of course).

To learn more about Abilify's side effects, watch the video Abilify Kills.

This type of marketing and commercialization is a direct reflection of how corporate favoritism has corrupted the FDA and gives preference to big money helping them push through a plethora of new drugs every year. Vaccines are another hot money maker and we'll see vaccines coming out for nearly everything in the next few years - obesity, anxiety, you name it.

On top of this, the skeptic community will continue to use the 'herd immunity' theory to state that forced vaccinations are for the betterment of society and supersede your personal freedom. These skeptics are wrong, and at least in this country freedom will prevail. The collaboration of drug companies and the government’s desire for more power has reached a turning point that most Americans have now recognized, and there are massive movements underway uniting us in this war.

Contest is a Metaphor for Larger Battle

Now this Twitter contest is meaningless in the broad scope of what is going on in health.

BUT, the contest can be viewed as a metaphor, and is a fight with those that would literally destroy everything we know and love about natural health and healing. So consider this a trial run of what we eventually need to do to defeat those that would remove your health freedoms.

We have nearly two million subscribers on our site. Surely we can beat them. All we need is a measly 600 votes to defeat them.

You Must Follow the Rules

You are ONLY eligible to vote if you already have a Twitter account. If you start one now and vote that would disqualify me, like they did Mike Adams. He inadvertently encouraged violating Twitter rules and many voted for him that signed up after the contest began, so Twitter disqualified him.

This does not make the contest illegal, only unfair. It is NOT a rigged contest.

But if you already voted you can have THREE of your friends or family to vote. Even better, post it on your blog or website or have one of your popular friends do it.

What to Do if You Have No Twitter Account or Already Voted

Just tell friends and family the story and send them to and have them read the earlier posts and give a few words in the comment box and press enter.

If you get a 404 error page that means their site is down, (happens daily) and you will have to retry later.

You will have to accept an application from Twitter to register your vote but this is a safe application, and there is no danger to your account.

Vote in the HEALTH Category

There are several categories you can vote in. The link will allow you to place the correct vote. Please do not vote in any other category.

If you vote for the leading candidate and say something negative, it will only be added as a point, no matter what you say.

You CAN Make a Difference!

Please urge at least three of your friends and family that already have a Twitter account to place a vote on the above link. Without your support we will be unable to defeat these skeptics who have been effectively brainwashed by the drug companies.

They just don’t understand the truth and are blindly following carefully and cleverly orchestrated manipulations of how they are educated. If they are honest they will eventually see how they have been deceived.

So it would be great if you can get the vote out, but even better if you can be patient with those who share these confused views and be available for them in their time of need when they suffer the inevitable consequences of a paradigm that focuses on using toxic drugs to cure disease, rather than provide the body with what it needs to build health.

In many ways this is so similar to darkness and light.

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