Multiply Your Time with 4th Dimension Time Management

time managementMost time management systems emphasize creating, categorizing, and prioritizing lists and getting them done. One of the disadvantages of these systems is that the time spent getting something done is spent as drudgery. The resulting high is fleeting, but you’ve spent minutes or hours.

You are left with a sense of emptiness even though you’ve accomplished everything on your list.

Lists generate a lot of activity that is largely unfulfilling. Let go of busy-ness. Spend your time engaging in meaningful activities that nourish your life.

Completing your most fulfilling tasks first sends a message to your being that you are successful. It reinforces that you can accomplish what you set your mind to. It gives you the confidence needed to reach your goals.

Identify what is important to you and do the activities that support this idea first.

Build Mental Space

Mental space gives you the capacity to hold the complete picture in your mind, yet execute effectively in the moment. At any point you are fully engaged in the task at hand, and in your mind there is a clear mental picture of all that is necessary for you to succeed.

It gives you the ability to move with ease and grace throughout your activities without being overwhelmed.

Interconnect Your Life

When you weave your life together, the party that you have to go to for your spouse’s friend becomes social time for you as well. Rather than sit on the sidelines watching the kids play, spend some time engaging in conversation with the hosts. Get together with the moms alone so that you can enjoy the friendship these women offer.

An integral life that is woven like a tapestry is stronger and more fulfilling. You leverage your time because you are completing multiple tasks. In addition, the whole activity is more enriching than the sum of the individual tasks.

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