This Will be MUCH Better than the New Apple iPad

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Magazines have articles you can curl up with and lose yourself in, and luscious photography that draws the eye. Can what’s best about magazines be combined with the always connected, portable tablet e-readers sure to arrive in 2010?

This video prototype shows the Mag+ project and it seems to be a far superior product than the iPad that Apple recently announced. Mashable Co-Editor Ben Parr summed it up nicely when he said:

"The simple truth is that Apple’s tablet didn’t need a lot of features to sell millions. It really just needed the Apple brand and the beginnings of a great product to make it a hit.

Remember, this is the first edition of the iPad. You can bet that Apple will come out with a newer, sexier version of the iPad every year, just like it does for the iPhone.

Year one is about product introduction, year two is about true market share infiltration. Missing features aren’t a problem: they're a market strategy."

Now I am not an Apple basher at all, but I do review the tech blogs nearly every day and was really surprised to see the vast majority of tech geeks massively vote down this product.

Interestingly nearly all of these tech writers are avid Apple fans.

Perhaps one of the best summaries was from one my favorite tech blogs, Engadget. Here is their comment that eloquently articulates most tech geeks' concerns.

The tech consensus seems to be responsible for producing this very humorous illustration below.

iPad rock

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