Speech Recognition Technology that Actually Works

Cellphone with Speech Recognition SoftwareWith an Android phone and a good Internet connection, you can now hit the microphone icon on the home screen and ask questions in a normal speaking voice -- and the phone will give back a reply.

The queries can range from "what's 10 times 10 divided by 5 billion" to "directions to McDonald's". It can also translate your words from one language to another, and you dictate your e-mail and text messages, too.

According to Slate:

"If you've tried speech-recognition software in the past, you may be skeptical of Android's capabilities. Older speech software required you to talk in a stilted manner, and it was so prone to error that it was usually easier just to give up and type ... Google's system, on the other hand, offloads its processing to the Internet cloud ...  The process is fast, can be done from anywhere, and is uncannily accurate."

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