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The Root Cause of Acne Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About

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  • Acne affects the majority of adolescents worldwide to some degree, but it isn’t just teens who are afflicted – one in five American adults also suffer from acne
  • The conventional acne treatment protocol involves topical and systemic antibiotics, steroids and hormonal agents (including oral contraceptives), and Accutane, one of the most dangerous drugs ever developed
  • Accutane – whose generic form, isotretinoin, is still available on the market – is known to cause depression, suicide, inflammatory bowel disease, and 100 percent guarantee of birth defects if taken by a pregnant woman
  • Antibiotic treatments for acne set the stage for resistant bacterial strains, a serious and growing problem, and yeast infections
  • A low-grain or grain-free diet has been shown to clear up acne for good
  • This article lists tips to take control of your skin health

By Dr. Mercola

Your teen's months of prom planning are finally in place, complete with dinner reservations, the perfect gown, the dream date… and the dreaded last-minute acne flare-up! It's another crushing blow from this notorious villain that manages to crash every momentous adolescent event. If you're the parent of an adolescent, "heartbreak by acne" is an all-too-familiar scenario, making your emotionally fragile teen want to hide under her bed until semester's end.

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