How to Save Gas This Summer

save gas this summerThe price of gas is high, but there are ways to get better mileage. Yahoo Autos suggests a number of gas-saving driving tactics you might not have thought of.  Here are a few:

Coast to a Stop

Brakes are wasteful -- they take the gasoline-generated kinetic energy of your car and turn it into waste heat. Slowly coasting to a red light is actually much more fuel efficient.

Close the Windows and Use A/C at High Speeds:

Aerodynamic drag rises exponentially with speed­. At 60 mph or higher, keeping them closed and running the air conditioning will burn less fuel.

When Coasting Downhill, Leave the Car in Gear:

Coasting downhill in neutral is illegal in most states, and it's always dangerous. But leaving the car in gear while coasting downhill actually is more efficient anyway;  the injectors in most fuel-injected engines today shut off automatically when necessary, so the engine consumes no fuel at all while the vehicle is coasting. But an engine idling in neutral still consumes fuel.

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  • Yahoo Autos June 10, 2011
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