If You had a Ten-Year Safe Would You Put in One Ounce of Gold or $1600?

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July 19, 2011 | 42,843 views

Ron Paul asked Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on July 13, 2011 whether or not he watches the price of gold and if he thinks gold is money. Although Bernanke admitted that he does watch the price of gold, Bernanke either lied or incompetently said that gold is not money, it is only an asset. He explained that central banks only hold gold as a "tradition."

The truth is, gold has been accepted as money throughout all civilizations over periods of thousands of years. Perhaps Bernanke doesn't want U.S. citizens to wake up and realize that they can opt-out of the criminal Federal Reserve system if they get rid of their U.S. dollars and store at least some of their wealth in gold and silver.